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New York

No description

Amy Lovelace

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of New York

Location Of New York
New York is the red mark on the Map of the United States! It is on the East coast!
Table of Contents
General Information
Capital City: Albany

Largest City and Population: 8.2 million people and the largest city is New York

State Population: 19.65 million

State Abbreviation: N.Y.

State Motto: Excelsior

State Song: "I Love New York"

Highest elevation and location: Mt Marcy 5,343 feet

What's in a Name?
How New York got it's name!

In 1664 , New York was named after the British Duke of New York, Albany. Originally NY was a Dutch colony named New Netherlands. New York was New Amsterdam.
What's in a name continued.
New York got it's nick name! "The Empire State". In 1785 a thank you letter to the New York common council for bestowing upon him for freedom of the city. In addition New York's relevance in the war, he describes New York as " The Seat of the Empire."
General Information Continued
Lowest Elevation and Location: Where New York meets the Atlantic Ocean at sea level

Area in square miles: 54,556 square miles

State Hood Date: July 26, 1788

Number of State Admitted: July 26, 1788 as the 11th state
New York
By Marina Andrade

New York's Regions
Long Island: settled by Dutch and English, Long Island is rich in history and culture from revolutionary war sites and early Native American influence.

NY regions continued
Niagara Falls
In New York there is a famous water fall called Niagara falls. It is very big and you can go and take pictures, and go tubing!
Physical Features continued
Thousand Island Seaway:
This water wonderland has a lot of things to do. You can go to amusement parks to scuba dive. The Great Seaway trail leads to historic light houses and great summer fun.
Highest point and lowest point in New York
The highest point in New York above sea level is Mt. Marcy. The lowest point in New York above sea level is the Atlantic Ocean.
Area of New York
11,842 sq miles
30,671 km2
Rank in size among all 50 states
Physical Map of New York
Political Features
Population of 2010: 25,500,000
Number of counties: 62
Largest county and size of county: St. Lawrence county size: 111,944
Largest county in population: New York is the biggest and and the population is 18,700,000
Political Features- Largest Cities
New York City: 8.406 million
Rochester: 210,358
Buffalo: 258,959
Albany: 98,424
Brooklyn: 2.592 million
Political Features

Major highways in NY: Avenue
Allen Street
Pike Street
Pik Slip
Canal Street
Chambers Street
Houston Street
Political Map of New York
State Tree
Acer Saccharum
Sugar Maple
State Flower
State Bird
Eastern Blue Bird
State Flag
State Seal
High Temperatures: 108 degrees F
Low Temperatures:-52 degrees F
Average Rainfall per year: 39.28 inches
Other weather information: It usually doesn't snow, but it could snow. There are a lot of storms like tornado's and twisters
Visitors Guide #1
In New York City there is a ballet school called The Julliard Ballet School. You can dance, watch plays, and watch ballet shows.
Visitors guide #2
In New York you can go and see the Statue of Liberty, and even go into her crown. You have to take a lot of stairs to get there. I don't think you can go to the top of the torch any more, but it is still a good sight to see of the Statue of Liberty!
Visitors Guide #3
In New York there is a building called The Empire State Building. It is a skyscraper and is the biggest building in New York. At night the Empire State building lights up and in the day you can go to it's restaurant.
Apple Muffin, Apple, Yogurt
- I really enjoyed doing a state report because I could gather information and put in cool images, symbols, and backgrounds.
- The most interesting thing about my state is that the Empire State Building is the tallest and biggest building in New York.
- The hardest part of the state report is gathering all the information and transporting the information into the report.
- The most fun part about the report is I got to learn about a place I have always wanted to go and there is a dancing school in New York that I want to go to really bad.
Evaluation Continued
- Where I felt I did a good job is spreading apart my words in all the different bubbles.
- The things that I would do differently is not to have so much word bubbles and maybe if I saw different backgrounds i would like one better.
- The advice I would give
to a person is to find good
information and make sure
to find a great backgrounds.
The apple is the state food because there is a building called the big apple. The apple muffin is the same reason. The reason why the yogurt is a state food is because they celebrate the growth of governor Andrew Cumo.
page 1: Title Page
page 2-3: Table of Contents
page 4-5: General Information
page 6: Location of NY
page 7-8: What's in a name continued
page 9-14: Physical Features
page 15-19: Political Features
page 20: State Tree
page 21: State Flower
page 22: State Bird
page 23: State Flag
page 24: State Seal
page 25: Song
page 26: Poem
page 27: Weather
My State Poem
Table of Contents continued
page 28: Visitors Guide #1
page 29: Visitors Guide #2
page 30: Visitors Guide #3
page 31: State Food
page 32-33: Evaluation
page 34: END
I love New York


There isn't another like it.
No matter where you go.
And nobody can compare it.
It's win and place and show.
New York is special.
New York is diff'rent
'Cause there's no place else on earth
Quite like New York
And that's why

Nickname is the Big Apple
Excellent shows premier there
Wonderful Statue of Liberty

Young people come to follow there dreams
Originally the tallest building is the Empire State Building
Random people go to watch shows and plays
Known for there high fashion

I hope you enjoyed it!!!!
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