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L.A Project- Earth rotation

No description

daisy Blaisdell

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of L.A Project- Earth rotation

How would it affect our daily lives if the earth stopped spinning? Lets begin with the affects. At the center where it has not melted actually helps our world to turn around the sun and because of it’s orbit it keeps us from barreling into the sun. The earth bulges at the equator. This is due to the spinning of the earth, because the mantle is a plastic, the force causes a bulging where rotation is the fastest(equator). Earths Rotation The Earth got started spinning a little over four and a half billion years ago, when it formed from cosmic dust. Even the tiny specks of dust have gravity. The Earth’s axis slowly spins like a top. Also, the ellipse forming the Earth’s orbit very gradually rotates, making the shape traced out by the earth around the Sun over many years form a daisy. Due to friction caused by the tides and stray space particles, the Earth’s rotation is very gradually slowing down. In the beginning of Earth’s formation, a day was about 13-14 hours, instead of today’s 24. The Earth’s slowing rotation is the reason we add one leap second once every few years. However, the time when our 24-hour system is no longer is so far off in the future, not many people have speculated what we will do when that time comes. The rotation of the Earth has served as the basis for timekeeping. The assumption was made that the rotational speed of the Earth was essentially constant and repeatable, and that the length of the day which resulted from this constant rotational speed was naturally useful as a measure of the passage of time. observations, however, have shown that the speed with which the Earth is rotating is not constant with time. The Earth’s rotation is the amount of time that it takes to turn around once on its axis. There are actually two different kinds of rotation.They are how long does it take for the Earth to turn once on its axis so that it returns to the same orientation compared to the Universe, and how long does it take for the Earth to turn so that the Sun returns to the same spot in the sky. Therefore I think that if the world stop spinning many things would change, such as water sources, weather and temperature. These are three very vital things to earth and if they all change, who knows what will happen. Change in water I believe if the water were to change, it could change in multiple ways and even flood out part of the earth and freeze on another, melt the Polar Icecaps and warming up cold places. Those are drastic changes to our environment and could kill a massive amount of animals,people,plants and ruin landscapes that have been developing for years. Start of conclusion Changes In the Temperature I think changes in the temperature could be very drastic, it could and will kill animals,plants and other life forms in our environment. Our world is known as the Goldie locks planet for a reason, our temperature it a 'just right' type of planet for living species. It would be hard for life forms to develop if the temperature was always changing. If the world were to stop our temperatures would change drastically. One side of the earth would be really cold and another would be really warm and it would be hard to adapt to this living environment no matter what animal,person or living thing you are. If the temperature did change like that many living things would die Weather changes I also believe that if the world stopped spinning one half of the earth would have a extremely hot outer crust and become desert like and the other would be a frozen ice land. If one half of the earth was desert like there would be no rainfall, no rainfall no water, no water, we cant live there. Also if one side was frozen all the rain would become snow, but since it would have temperatures below zero we also can't live there either. That only leaves the middle where it would be warm but not hot and cold but not too cold. That would be the only adaptable environment for us to live in because it would also have rainfall. "ASK! Options." CCMR.
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This helped scientist explain logical theory's. Even though it may just look like a circle, this has helped solve many of earth mystery's such as our magnetic field.
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