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Camila How Money Has Evolved

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on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Camila How Money Has Evolved

How Money Has Evolved
4th Grade

Natural Resources
Metal Coins
Paper currency
Invisible Money
Before people used money they traded. Trading is when you exchange one thing for another thing. For example, people traded livestock resources like what they planted or any animals they had. They traded because people will get tierd of eating the same thing. By eating different food people will be haelthyer. When they traveled to different places. Traiding was an important first to creating money.
In about 1200 BC people stoped traiding and started to use natural resources as money.
The reason people stoped traiding is because things they traided were hard to carry, heavy and big. Also people used shells and things that were not easy to find neither hard it had to be in the midle on those. All people agried on the value and agried they will use valuble thing to buy that they needed. That way people will have what they want. Changing form trading to natural resorces was helpfull.
9000 BC and earlier
1200 BC
1000 BC
800 AD
In about 1000 BC pople started using metal coins. People stoped using natural resources because they desagrid of the value and currency. Some people had big feathers and other small, people with big feathers wouldent give it away but people with small ones will want to change. Metal coins were made out of gold, silver, copper and bronze. This coins had a face stamt on them. This change was good for everyone because they could get what ever they wanted with out any problems.It was easyer because everyone agreed on the value. No longer people use natural resources now they used coins.
In the year 800 AD people no longer used coins because they created paper money. They changed because they ran out of metal and coins were to heavy that's why we changed to paper. This was light paper which you could use as money. There were a lot of patterns and things that could the paper money real so they would't use false money. People now didi't have to mine for gold copper bronze and silver besides it was easy to carry and do. This was to 4th change in the history of money.
A new development is invisible money, nowadays people still use bills and coins but it isent to current. People stoped using paper money because it is safer or they could robe all your money. That's why people use invisible money because you cant see it and they wouldent robe you. Using this type of money made people's life safer. Until now they have't changed.
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