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Jordan's Terrarium Plant

No description

Jordan Garcia

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Jordan's Terrarium Plant

Jordan's Project Terrarium Plant Terrarium- A sealed transparent container in which plants are grown in.

There are many different ways to plant a
terrarium and it is more challenging take care
of a terrarium than any other plant because it
is in a closed environment. Research Is it possible for a plant to survive in a
closed environment? Will it die or will
it grow with no air and water? Question -Regular sized Jar (with cap closed)
-Potting soil
-A handful of small stones or pebbles
-Moss or charcoal Materials I predict that if I plant a Terrarium seed
in a closed environment (jar), yes it will
grow healthy without water or air. Hypothesis Results Well as I predicted in my hypothesis, the
Terrarium plant grew in a closed environment
with no air or water! In the process of growing,
I noticed something really cool. I noticed that
the terrarium plant grew only because it made
its own water. The plant created its own water
vapor to help it survive. The jar was really mild
and evaporated. I did not think something like
that was possible! Unfortunately, after a few days
the Terrarium plant died. It took a certain amount of
days for the plant to die without water. My plant died
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