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1.02 What Is Citizenship? Assessment

No description

Abby Vigna

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of 1.02 What Is Citizenship? Assessment

1.02 What Is Citizenship? Assessment
What steps did you have to take as part of the naturalization process?
I remember being very nervous for the test I had to take at the Federal Building in Downtown LA. I studied all I could about the history of USA and practiced my English, which was very good. The test consisted of ten questions and I had to get six of the question right. They stop when you get six right, which I had four questions left after I finished. Next they tested my English, and I passed with flying colors. I wasn’t sure why I was so nervous before because I knew I was meant to be a United States citizen.
How would you describe how you felt about the process?
Like I said before, I was very nervous. They could have easily rejected me but they did not. Most of all, I was excited! I was excited to finally become a citizen and to be able to live the American dream.
How has gaining citizenship changed your life? Is your daily life different because of gaining citizenship?
Of course it has changed my life! Back in Honduras, I heard many stories about immigrants living in the United States; scared of being deported. I’m glad that I don’t have to live in fear in my own home. I am able to get a good job that will support me. If I was still in Honduras I wouldn’t have nearly as much as I have now.
Do you feel the process was worthwhile? Would you do it again?
Although it was a long, stressful process it was worthwhile. I would do it a million times if I had to. Citizenship in the United States has opened up so many doors and possibilities in my life and I can dream big.
What inspired you to become a U.S citizen?
When I was back in Honduras, we would watch the television and pictures of America would be shown. I was very poor and struggling and I wanted a better life for myself so I decided I would do whatever it takes to become a U.S citizen.
My name is Abigail Vigna. I created a fictional interview. His name is Enrique and he is from Honduras. He has been a citizen for 10 years.
Can you imagine what your life would be like if you stayed in Honduras?
I definitely would not be as happy as I am now. It was very difficult making a living back in my hometown. I would not be able to have a job that supports myself and my family like I do now in the United States.
If you want to become a U.S citizen, you have to go through the naturalization process. During this process you have to pay fees, give fingerprints, pay for the services, answer questions and many other things. This process can be very long but worth it if being a USA citizen is what you want to be.

I believe that the procedure to becoming a citizen is very well executed. The steps that you have to take are very necessary. Although it seems like a lot, it does not include any typed of discrimination against anyone. The benefits of becoming a citizen outweigh the fact that it can take years to complete. The benefits of being a citizen include voting, eligibility for government jobs and elected positions, and a great eligibility for public benefits.
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