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Minions' Search For Home

No description

Angel Guo

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Minions' Search For Home

Our Mission
The Minions are on the search for their new home. They have encountered the province of “the rock.” Known for its lack of widespread cultivable land, this province is better known as Newfoundland and Labrador. The Minions have observed this unknown land and will decide whether they will make a home in it.
Target Location

In Atlantic region
Land area of 405,720 km²
Canada's easternmost province

Newfoundland = the Atlantic Ocean Labrador = mainland Canada

Capital city: St. John's

Flag of the "rock land"
Introduced in 1980 by Newfoundland artist

Blue = sea
White = snow and ice of winter
Red = struggle of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians during WWII
Gold = bright future of Newfoundland and Labrador

Population of 510,000
One-thirds live around St. John's
English, Irish French, and Aboriginal heritage
French population live in Newfoundland
Aboriginal groups live along coast of Labrador
largest aboriginal group = Miawpukek
Hundreds of dialects
Dictionary of Newfoundland English
Minions' Search For Home
Two Time Zone
Atlantic Time zone :Western Labrador

Newfoundland time zone: Newfoundland
and eastern Labrador

Purple pitcher plant
Grow in cold temperate climate
Carnivorous plant, feed on insects

Chosen by Queen Victoria to engrave on a Newfoundland penny

Became the province flower in 1954

Black Spruce

Become official province tree in 1993

Most abundant tree in Labrador

Important to the aboriginals

Atlantic Puffin

common to Eastern Canada

95%of puffins breed along the coast

colony up to 225,000 pairs seen at Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

Forest Industry Issues
Its forests are renewable
The loggers can’t cut down more trees than the trees restored
Must follow gov’t regulations
Oil Industry: Respecting the Environment
Making sure offshore environment is protected
Preventing spillage
Communicating with fishing industry
work closely together
Discover issues of both industries together
Reducement of GHG’s
Focusing on technological solutions (eg. THAI, CCS)
Maintaining a clean air
New technologies (eg. carbon capture and storage)

Newfoundland and Labrador Greenfund
Supports projects that provide reductions in GHS’s
Federal + provincial funds
Open to a wide variety of people
Unemployment Rate
Since 1977, highest in Canada
Rate started decreasing in 2009
major project activities
Ocean regulates the temperature
Gulf Stream heat up Newfoundland
Temperature get more extreme further into the mainland

Newfoundland: 16°C in summer, 0°C in winter
Labrador: 12°C in summer, -18°C in winter

minimum wage is $10/hr
will increase 25 cents on October 1, 2014
family average income= $67,200/yr
15 to 24 years= $15
25 to 54 years= $27
55 years and over= $23
Joined Canada on March 31, 1949
Shift between Conservative and Liberal
Resigned on Jan 24th, 2014
First woman premier
Poor performances
Failing to connect with the voters
MHA for the St. John's district of Virginia Waters
Kathy Dunderdale
Tom Marshall
Former finance minister
Member of the Conservative party
Actually is interim premier
Served for nine years, term will end next year
Next vote had been set for October, 2015
Influence the market
Create Crown corporation called Nalcor Energy
Liberal is the official opposition party
Liberal agreed with Conservative
Lots of partisan bickering
Everyone must act according to the agenda
936.6 million in 2013
Produce 16 kinds of mineral commodities
Provide 55% of Canada’s iron ore
Employeed 11,250 people in 2013
8.6% of province's GDP
Mining Industry
New industry
Offshore oil platforms at Grand Banks
Hibernia, White Rose, and Terra Nova Oil fields
Hibernia= largest constructed project
Estimated 750 million barrels
Year 1997 to 2004= 308.5 million barrels
Year 2013= 110 million barrels
30% of the province’s nominal GDP
Oil Industry
Traditional industry
Cover 60% of the province
Boreal forest
Total 21 million acres of productive forest
Generate $782 million annually
Directly employ 3,500 people

Economy relies greatly on natural resources
Cod fishing was most important
Exploitation of the rich forestry, mineral resources, and fish population
1960, experienced hard times
Fishing, pulp & paper & iron ore mining continue to be major activities
2007, expanding exportation of oil & resources lead to generous growth in economy
Natural Resources
population - 13,538,000 in 2013
climate - very cold winters, continental weather
natural resources - fur, timber, mineral
industries - forestry, fishing and aquaculture, aggregate operation (eg.stone and sand)
Compare & Contrast
Newfoundland & Labrador
population - 562,702, about 90% live on island
Climate - cold but not severe winters, warm to cool summers
natural resources - mainly on energy, mining, forestry
industries - oil, forest, mining, fishing
Ontario's Economy

CPI - 123
GDP - $674,485 million, 37% of GDP of Canada
Labour Force - 11,298,600
Unemployment rate - 7.5%
Retail sales - $168,164 million
Housing Starts - 61,100
Compare & Contrast
Newfoundland & Labrador's Economy

CPI - 128
GDP - $37,389 million
Labour Force - 429,100
Unemployment rate - 11.2%
Retail sales - $8,523,600
Housing starts - 2900
Our Decision
Slower lifestyle
Friendly people
Not interested in city environment
Enjoy the landscape and sun!!!
Captivating culture

Natural resources depletes= collapse in economy
Exemplified cod fish industry
Government provides funds to protect environment
Growing economy
Overall economic performance: average +
Game Time !!!!!

1. What is the nickname for Newfoundland and Labrador?

2. What is the top industry in Newfoundland and Labrador?

3. Which bird is the provincial bird in Newfoundland and Labrador?

4. What is their minimum wage per hour?

5. Newfoundland and Labrador joined Canada in which year?

6. What is the official tree in this province?

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Our Journey Starts Now
The Rock- Newfoundland and Labrador
Block: 1-2
Angel Guo
Alice Huang
Jacqline Geng
We have decided!
Full transcript