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The Murder of Alexander and Rebecca Smith

No description

Abby and Madison

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of The Murder of Alexander and Rebecca Smith

Madison Cruz, Rachel Zeigler, Emma Flynn, Abby Jones, Stephanie Webster Who Did It?
The Murder of Alexander and Rebecca Smith What exactly happened? Alexander and Rebecca Smith were murdered in their house located on the Smith family farm. They were found in a pool of blood in the living room. Evidence: Hair What seemed to be Mary Anne Abbot's hair was found on the money chest along with the hair of Alexander Smith. The hair found was straight, brown, had a fragmented amorphous medulla, and had a spinous scale pattern. Anton's blonde hair was also found on the east room window. Evidence: Fingerprints The fingerprints found on the hammer were either those of Mary Ann Abbot's or Anton Geisler. Anton's fingerprints were also found on the teacup and the east room window. His fingerprints on the teacup, which proves his alibi. Evidence: Blood Types Evidence: DNA The only other DNA found was Anton Geisler's, it was on the window and east room floor. He was found with a cut at his knee with the pants torn as well. In questioning, he said it was from a farming accident. Who did it? It has been concluded that Anton Geisler and Mary Ann Abbot committed the crime for the following reasons:

- Anton had a cut on his knee and DNA and fingerprints on the hammer. He could have had an altercation with Rebecca Smith while trying to murder her; her DNA was also found on the hammer.

- His blood, hair, and DNA were found on the East Room floor and window.

- He was already in the house at the time of the murder.

- Mary also had blood and hair at the crime scene. Anton had blood drops on the east room floor and on the hammer. The only other blood found at the scene was the blood of Alexander and Rebecca. Evidence: Blood Spatter Evidence: Autopsy Mr. Smith had a blunt incision on his head. Mrs. Smith was killed by a blunt force wound. They both had burns, with Alexander having the more severe ones. The manner of death was homicide. The injuries were most likely caused by something like a hammer. Timeline 7:30 pm Sunday Anton enters through the door, sits down in the east room, and has a cup of tea with the Smiths. He was invited to tea due to the great work he had done this week. 8:00 p.m Sunday Mary Ann breaks in through the east room window. Anton pulls out the hammer and killed Alexander. He and Rebecca have a violent altercation, and he soon kills her with the flat part of the ax. The altercation explains the cut on his knee. 8:10 Sunday They both go to the money chest and attempt to take money, but they hear the dog barking and that causes them to flee. 8:30 p.m Sunday Neighbors hear the dog barking and go fetch the police. Mary and Anton put the dog away in the workshop to prevent it from alerting the neighbors. 9:00 a.m Mr. Weeks discovers the bodies and calls the police again. Motive Mary Ann had a love for Anton, but it was considered a scandal for the farmhand to be in a relationship with the master's daughter. So, Mary Ann devised a plan. They would take money from her uncle's chest, and murder her aunt and uncle to remove all ties from her family and then run away together. The blood splatter in the front room shows that it was splattered from a long distance. The blood splatter in by the East Room Window shows that it was dropped from a vertical distance, perhaps from someone who is walking.
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