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Anne Frank.

This is a Prezi about Anne Franks life and the hardships she went through.

Thalia Torres

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Anne Frank.

Anne Frank Anne Frank and her story was absolutely extraordinary for her and her familys actions. How did Anne Frank get caught? How long were Anne Frank and her family hiding? Anne Frank and her family lived in the secret annex for two rough years and about a couple days/months. Proved on AnneFrank.com she and her family lived there when she was only 13 to 15. They were all bold for hiding and doing what they had to do to survive. Anne Frank and the others
got caught as a result of Victor Kugler, who
works at the office accompanied them there. According to research on August 4, 1944 dutch policeman arrived and searched the place. On this day Anne Frank was exposed and had to go to the evils of the Nazi's.
What was happening during this this period? During this time period it was Hitlers invasion on poland on 1939 killing over 6 million Jews which set off WW2. Accoring to studies Hitler despised Jews, and unusaly was a Jew himself. He showed dictatorship and people thought he was going to help but instead he made it worse.
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