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Ivaylo Petrov

on 19 September 2014

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Bulgaria in a crossroad between
different continents, nations and … cultures!
The Bulgarian culture, traditions and kitchen was influenced by the byzantine and the Arabic culture.


Nature diversity
Food diversity
-> result of multi cultural influences,
climate and historical heritage
Although the dishes of the different regions varies, there are some main ingredients and dishes important for every region.

Bread is the main food of Bulgarians.
-> in Bulgaria the main synonym of the word “WORK” is “TO EARN THE OWN BREAD”;
-> you can touch the bread only with clean hands;
-> the ritual bread is very important for family’s and church’s feasts;
-> Bread is the SUN on the table.

-> main role in the fight with the evil forces;
-> medicine for various diseases.

-> one of the festive meal of the Bulgarians;
-> differs in technique and products in each region.

->popular toping containing tomatoes and peppers;
-> modifications: lyutika and kyopolou
The Northern Region
Stubborn, angry, wild people – fast dances

- Cuisine – Shopska salad – one of the biggest symbols in Bulgarian cuisine &
the most famous European meal,
according to the European Parliament just before the elections

Shopsko Region – between Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia
Calm People – Muslim Bulgarians, big mountain => big soul
Cuisine - Influenced by the Arab, Turkish cuisine
High mountain – chilly weather, hot and heavy food – bread, rice, banitza, klin

The Rhodopes – a wide mountain range in Bulgaria and Greece
Pirin (Mountain)

Dionysus – Thracian God of grape harvest
Typical Bulgarian wines - Gamza, Mavrud, Pamid, Rubin, Dimyat.
Wine – back in the Thracian time, produced in this area from 5, 000 B.C.
Ethnographic regions
Why Bulgaria is so colourful?

History and Geography
diversity of the roots:
Functions of the food

Beside the utilitarian function the food performs another 3 important functions: social, ritual and ethnical function.
Very important for the Bulgarians is the ritual function of the food.
#1 Bread
#2 Garlic and onion
#3 Banitsa
#4 Lyutenica
Bulgarian wheat garden – a lot of sun
Bulgarian folk dances - slow, wide and free movements because of the wide field

High mountain - strong, stable mentality

beautiful songs

People – hasty, combative
From the mountains to the sea… eternity of abundance

Bulgarian vegetable garden - paprika, tomatoes, etc.
Trachian Region – Trakia
Thank you!
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