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Black Hawk Down

No description

michael korz

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk Down In this war 19 brave American Soldiers lost their lives. Over 1000 Somolis died also. By: Mark Bowden Genre: Historical Fiction More About The Author
Mark Bowden first started writing in magazines such as "Sports Illustrated" and "Rolling Stones". Then when he wrote his book "Black Hawk Down", it became a popular movie in 2001. Some other books written by Mark are: Doctor Dealer, Bringing the Heart, Killing Pablo and many more. He is a very talented writer. Setting
The book "Black Hawk Down" takes place in Somalia on October 3, 1993. Main Character The main character in this book was Matt Eversmann. He is a army staff sergeant and is a very brave, young man. Conflict The conflict in this story is that the Somalian leader, Adid, is starving everyone in Somalia. The Americans try to capture Adid and end up getting into a horrible war with all of Somalia. Plot "Black Hawk Down" is a book about a modern war. Adid(Somalian Leader) is a harsh person and is starving all the people of Somalia. America tries to capture Adid to help them but ends up getting into a terrible war with Somalia. It becomes a bloody, sad event with 19 brave American soldiers dying, and over 1,000 Somalis die at this heartbreaking war. Mood The mood of this book was sad but also exciting. It was sad because so many people die and are injured. It is also exciting because there is so much action in this war. Theme The theme of this book is that you should care about everyone in the world. Somalia is not even near America but we should still help them. America went in and tried to help them but the Somalis did not know that they were trying to help so they went into war. The author wants us to know that soldiers are very brave and heroic men. What I Liked About The Book I liked the action,fighting, and intensity in "Black Hawk Down". The book was full of action during the war and had a great story about how war really is like. It was a great book! Recommendation I would recommend this book to anyone starting from 13 years old. It is a very descriptive, exciting book. It is to hard for younger kids to read though. Thank You For Watching!
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