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No description

Savannah Savannah

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Uglies

Scott Westerfield Uglies Setting -Uglyville
-New Pretty Town
-Rusty Ruins Rising Action
Shay thinks that becoming a pretty will not be fun Tally and Shay argue about the benifets and negitives
about staying Ugly and becoming a pretty. Tally is excited to become a pretty, and is trying to
convinceShay too be excited too, untill Shay tells her
she is planning on running away. Climax
The biggest turning point in the story is when
Shay leaves Uglyville on the day before she
turns sixteen.
She does not see the fun in getting the operation
done, to become pretty, and looking like everyone else.
She plans on running away to the Smoke, a group of runaway
Uglies, leaving a note behind that only Tally can understand. Falling Action The falling action is when Tally is not allowed to get her operation to become a Pretty because
she knows where Shay is. She is sent to go find Shay and when she does she activates a tracker
which the people from the operation will come get them.
Tally soon likes the freedom and does not want to go back. She falls in love with David, whose
Dad is the owner of the Smoke.
Tally tries to destroy the tracker so she can live her life in freedom, but while trying to do so she acciently hit the button. Resolution The Special Circumstance people, the operation commitee, go to the Smoke, and Tally and all her friends including David, his parents, and Shay are sent back to Uglyville.
Tally finds a way for them all too escape, but finds out Shay has already been through her operation. Once anyone goes through the operation their brain tells them that they are happy and want to stay in New Pretty Town.
Davids Father was killed in an experimental procedure which tried to destroy brain cells that told his body to go back to the Smoke.
Tally explains her disloyalty, going to the Smoke only because she was forced, to her friends and their parents, and David, her love, end up walking out on her.
Tally believes that time will get her and David back together. Theme One theme in this book talks about peer pressue.
Tally is put under peer pressure when she is told
that she can not become a pretty, her life dream,
unless she tells headquaters and goes out and finds
where her friend is because she went into the wild,
her life dream.
Peer Pressure happens everyday and this book
explains how some people do what they want
to help themselves, and end up hurting other people. Reactions After reading this book I felt that Tally had made the wrong
decision to betray her friend, Shay. I felt this because she told
where he friend was hiding just so that she herself could
get the Pretty operation.
This has helped me look at the world differant by always
putting other people before myself. Character Tracing
Shay has always wanted adventure.
She has always played jokes on people.
Once she has found out about the Smoke
she has alway wanted to go their instead
of becoming a pretty.
She finally had the courage to travel to the
Smoke but had left her friend behind.
Her friend had shown up and Shay was all excited,
untill she found out her friend has betrayed her from her own good. Introduction Uglies is about a city that turns people, once you reach the age sixteen, to all look alike. Some people ook forward to this operation, some don't.
This story is about when two best friends get through their life, one looking forward to becoming a pretty and one despising it.
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