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presentation of tactics & stuff for GREEN RUN TRANZIT in Black Ops II - Zombies in english

Carl Hutson

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of GREEN RUN - TRANZIT - ENG

bus-part turbine-door quick revive meteor stone
in wall navcard workbench jet gun part m16@wall turbine-
door bus-
part speed-
reload use hatch here to get to roof on dinner &
take the GALVANUCKLES from wall for 6k $ workbench part for
tac-shield part for
tac-shield part for tac-shield best circle for
rape-trains mp5@wall turbine-
parts this is the shortcut to the city-
its highlighted through a yellow glowing
light and the blocking car. you can also
see a bus standing here SHORTCUT TO CITY SHORTCUT TO CITY double-tap "1st floor" bus-part turbine-door fridge: where u can store
weapons in workbench parts for
turret shotgun@wall u can jump
down here jetgun/
parts workbench turbine-door Turbine-place - to open
the vault basement in town
under the bank ak74u@wall tombstone greensport=
parts for generator
switch workbench
trap spots where
zombies arise bowie-knife@wall part for jetgun or
navtable semtex@
wall bus-part tubine-door workbench stamin-up
perk JUGGERNOG box vault doors, wich have to
get blown up by grenades PAP You can only acces this area, if someone
puts a turbine to the trigger- spot @
the Power Station - (see PowerStation)

there are parts to build the
PAP-machine all over the basement BRIDGE it gets destroyed partially when bus drives through
first time, this makes the bus drive very very slow,
best spot to kill masses&masses of zombies here! made by vR4w add me!
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