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No description

Adriana Molina

on 25 April 2018

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Transcript of Impressionism

Impressionist Sunrise, 1872 Claude Monet
The use of color was an important part of impressionism
Post Impressionism
Claude Monet
Father of Impressionism
Light was very important to the impressionists
They capured a quick moment
First time painters completed works outside
Neoclassical Art
Came before Impressionsim
Classical Subjects
First Impressionist Painting
Given the name Impressionists by a reporter
Were refused by salons so created their own salon refuse
Did not want to paint what they saw but the impression of what they saw
"Landscape is nothing but an impression... sun in the mist and a few masts of boats sticking up in the foreground...."
Water Lilies
Primary Colors
Color Mixing
Secondary Colors
Our eyes can mix the color for us

Impressionism : The Science of Light and Color
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