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Utopia vs. Dystopia

exploration of a utopia and its opposite

Sam Keane

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Utopia vs. Dystopia

Utopia Vs. Dystopia Formatted By: Samuel Keane Equality Dystopia Utopia Underlying Hope Inequality Big, Oppressive Government General Despair of the People Equality is always present in a Utopian society. Everyone is equal and there is not conflict Council for the Greater Good In a Utopian story, since utopia does not exist in the real world, there is always an underlying message of hope. The citizens feel hope for the future instead of fear for for events to come. In contrast to the selfless Utopic council, a Dystopian society has an oppressive and unfair system of government, where all of the power is in the authority (government). In an average Dystopian society, there is a general aura of despair and fear. This is because of the oppressive and unjust rules established by the corrupt goverment Comparison of Utopia and Dystopia;
First let's start with Utopia! In a Utopian world, there exists a council that is only concerned with the greater good of the people. It is selfless in its purposes and focuses only on bolstering the people. Utopia, in greek, literally means place that does not exist. Now lets explore this definition of a utopia compared to Dystopia Dystopia is a word created directly from Utopia, and as a result it has Utopia's complete opposite meaning In general, a Dystopian society holds no equality and fairness. It possesses brutal cruelty and discrimination. The qualities stated above, simply summarize the common Utopia and Dystopia, they do not function to represent every unique Utopia and Dystopia, but generalize every situation. Overall a Utopian world is one that holds an ideal state, and a Dystopian world holds a corrupt, and imperfect society.
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