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My hero

No description

zach seager

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of My hero

My hero Anthony Ayers
Zach Seager 6th hour

He lived with his grandparents from age 3. he went to fort zumwalt north high school. he joined the marines at age 18. has lived in ofallon his whole life. 6 months after he graduated high school he left for boot camp.
He was made Lance Corporal and was in control of over 200 marines in training in South Korea, Japan, Singapore and the Philippines.

Trials and Struggles
His father gave him his favorite scarf when he was little, he takes it to all of the places he travels to.

Impact on society
led marines in to Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and the Philippines to protect U.S military Bases.

New Beginning
Once he was finished with the marines, he started college as a personal trainer.
He always wanted to be in the marines since he was little
Background info
He lived with his grandparents since was 3 years old. he was a quiet kid in school and people picked on him for being short. he played football at fzn to show people that he can do something and he was actually one of the best players on the team.

anthony is my hero because he is brave, helpful, caring, and inspiring to me, he always pushes me to do things.
Thanks for watching!!!!
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