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Unit 22: Single Camera Production

A presentation which demonstrates various formats of single camera production.

Chandra Khan

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Unit 22: Single Camera Production

A presentation which demonstrates various formats, structures and technologies of single camera production.
Single Camera Production
Formats in Single Camera Production
Realism, Story Plots & Endings
Technology in Single Camera Production
Narrative in Single Camera Production
Realist films has a believable narrative and they are mostly drama, films include The Vow, Little Miss Sunshine and Tower Heist.

The technical aspects includes the following; camera work, lighting work, sound work, editing and
screenwriting - the building of a story.
Single Camera Production
Single camera production is a program which involves a shooting of a film with one camera as opposed to using multiple cameras.

The method used for single camera production is applied through a simple means of shooting individual clips in order to make up a scene and construct a clear narrative plot which is a method frequently used in serial shows such as EastEnders, Coronation Street and Neighbours. However, it is also important to note that while this method has the same professional result it is a fairly time consuming process as opposed to a set of multiple cameras, making it quite a difficult and tiresome process.
The formats of single camera production include single drama, series and serial. Single drama consists of a one-off television shows such as The Great Expectations, Mildred Pierce, Oliver, Top Boy and BroadChurch. In contrast to a single drama format are serials as they are a continuous scheduled television programs, for example they are characteristically exploited in soap opera shows such as Coronation Street, EastEnders and Emmerdale.

Furthermore, single camera in serial shows are constructed in order to create a episodic work of dramatic fiction as majority serial shows consists of plots with irregular intervals and loosely connected parts and events. In addition, other serial programs include Neighbours, Hollyoaks, The Bill, Casualty, Doctors and Holby City.
There are two narrative structures, linear and non-linear. Linear films is where everything happens in time chronological order therefore it is the beginning, middle and end of a story plot which follows as ABCDEFGH as opposed to non-linear where the story plot is not in chronological order e.g. CDFAEHBG. Non-linear films include Pulp Fiction, Memento and Goodfellas.

Furthermore, It is also important to note that you should be aware of flashbacks within films such as Titanic, Big Fish and Forrest Gump as they follow linear narrative structures AB(FB)CD(FB)EF(FB)GH – another thing to note is that it may start from the end but it goes back in order to retell the entire story e.g. AB(FB)CD(FB)EF(FB)GH Y- Y may start the beginning of a film however, the story plot may want to explore a more diverse structure to tell a story therefore it may go back to the beginning (A) to a specific event after the opening (Y) in order explain the character(s) story and than conclude the film with up/closed or open ending (Z).
Inception can be mistaken as a non- linear film due to its very sophisticated, clever structured story plot however, everything still happens in various constructed time chronological order.

is a great example of a non-linear film because it has a range of time chronological structures.
Split narrative is when the story plot goes back to square one therefore in films in will constantly return back to a to a particular scene through various characters perceptive. Films include Go, 4-3-2-1, Crash, 21 Gram and Amores Perros – these films are also known for being multi-protagonist.
The Hangover is a great example of a linear film as we the audience and the characters in the film follows a time chronological order as we embark on a journey of discovering what they had done from the previous night before.
Single Drama
Furthermore, talent shows such as American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, The Voice USA, The Voice UK, The X-Factor USA, The X-Factor UK and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here are great examples of programs that are a series/serials with no definite ending to it. Other series programs include of Heroes, Misfits, Skins, Glee, The Big Bang Theory, Friends, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Homeland and Black Mirror.
Similarly, series is a programme broadcast regularly and consists of many episodes in a series/season whereas single dramas contain one piece of dramatic work of fiction with only a few episodes. Moreover, series are half an hour to an hour show whereas single dramas are at a length of more than an hour over a course of few episodes, making it almost like a mini film in parts.

Consequently, serials can have several episodes with a story plot that may continue into more than one series as there can be no definite end to it. Similarly, series are likely to continue on at length but it could also be most likely to end as opposed to serials as they can invent and introduce new characters years after years and only changing small fragments of the storyline. Therefore, they only tweak bits of the

story plot in order to continue on the show, making it impossible to end. However, my previous point about series could also be said about single dramas because once they grow popularity and huge success they may want to return to the story plot and create more episodes making it into a series.
Multi-Protagonist essentially means more than one pivotal often good characters. Films includes the Avengers, Crash, 4-3-2-1, 21 Grams and Amores Perros
Anti-realist are not believable and frequently heavily consists of special effects, these are usually fantasy films such as Transformers, Transporter, Avatar and Star Wars.
Most Hollywood films endings are happy – UP – Closed – Open endings.

Closed endings can always have a prequel such as The Thing but they could also have another conclusion to the story.

There are seven basic stories; overcoming a monster, the quest (Harry Potter Saga), rags to riches (The Pursuit of Happiness), comedy, tragedy, voyage and return and rebirth.

It could also follow these seven plots man vs. women, man vs. nature, man vs. machines/technologies (The Terminator), man vs. supernatural, man vs. self (Black Swan), man vs. God/religion, and man vs. environment.
Stories are often from books, news, people, other films, magazines, websites and myths.
As presented in this image there are many factors in single/multi-camera production which is contributed by camera, lighting and sound.
Camera work in film production usually consists of high-tech professionally digital camera which contributes to the glossy and polished look as frequently presented in Hollywood film.
Lighting work consists of high-tech equipments such as beam projectors which produces an illusion of a sophisticated polished set as it contributes in creating a bright, optimistic and somewhat extravagant look in films
Sound work frequently consists of boom mike poles which heavily contributes to films as they are a standard professionally equipments used in film sets, creating clear and concise speech for the audiences to hear perfectly well.
Editing contributes heavily to the film production as it is an essential stage in creating the story and keeping the flow of the story with the audiences attention intact throughout therefore, there a variety of various editing techniques used to convey a story to the viewer such as smooth transitions, speeding up of time, slowing down the time as well as sound editing is completed in the crucial part of the production stage.
Screenwriters are an essential part of the production team as they have the creative ability of producing an iconic storyline or a entertaining story plot that entices the audiences and making a very successful film purely due to the screenwriters envisioned intentions.
Pulp Fiction is a great example of non-linear where the story plot is not in chronological order e.g. CDFAEHBG
Forrest Gump is another great example of a linear narrative structure with flashbacks, which can be confusing for some viewers as although it may start from the end of the story it then will goes back and continue from the beginning of the story, explaining to the audiences of what had previously occurred to the present situation. Linear narrative structure, Y AB(FB)CD(FB)EF(FB)GH (Y being near to the ending of the story) and concluding at Z with an open/ closed ending.
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