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Take Me Riding - Status

A visual description of the newest effort to introduce more youth to the horse industry called Take Me Riding.

Todd Branson

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Take Me Riding - Status

We hired the world class firm
We turned the research into a plan
Developed the foundation for development
Built advisory partnerships
AQHA Youth Activities Committee
Extension / 4-H
US Pony Club
Began a fundraising effort (Sept 2012)
Let's Briefly Recap
Technology may unlock new pathways and provide more available hours a week.
A 30% decline in youth horse association participation
Steady decline last 3 years, fewer children with each new generation
Greater competition for their time at a younger age
More options, less cost
Kids <13 spend only 5 hrs./wk. in sports, hobbies, outdoor activity
Kids <13 spend 48 hrs./wk. with a screen (77% regularly use tablets)
Consumer tablet use increased 9% in Q4 2011
Kids find technology at age 5, fully engaged by age 8
Research, Audits & Audience Matrix Studies
A new product would solve our problems!
But, you told us
A larger problem existed!
Programs are only pieces, but what’s the bigger picture?
Parents are still alienated
Horse youth programs still disconnect with society
Where does AQHYA fit? Do they at all?
(2020 AQHA Vision)
Evaluate how to include parents and families
Create a new promise
Identify core values to drive focus areas
Make a leap to go mainstream
Building New Programs Identified a Larger Problem
A complete youth strategy.
A strategy that addresses the decline in members and younger children, but also a robust plan that shows how the American Quarter Horse makes a profound impact on a child's
To impact the lives of young horse-interested people through engaging and relevant family experiences, with fun, educational classroom activities and through healthy competition and quality leadership opportunities that ultimately foster a positive, lifelong relationship with horses.
The Mission
We believe this is best achieved by providing families, caregivers and educators with healthy living, educational and positive youth development resources that offer hands-on, on-site, at-home and digital experiences using the horse and horse objects to teach language arts, math, science, social studies, health, life skills and visual arts to children around the world, ultimately building a healthy, lifelong relationship horseback.
The Promise
The Core Values
Animal Welfare, Character, Responsibility, The Educational Institution, Child Safety, Service, A Common Love of All Things Horses, Healthy Activities, Rewarding Programs
Positive alternatives to inappropriate environments
Research proves children involved in positive youth development options, like AQHYA, are half as likely to enter into illicit activities like drug use or joining a gang.
Innovative programs
More exercise options
AQHA is committed to an all horse breed digital experience that strengthens the healthy bond young children develop with horses.
Groups such as riding centers, Certified Horsemanship Association instructors and other youth based horse organizations are ready to offer fun, educational exercise on the back of a horse. AQHA members can enroll in the Horseback Riding Program and earn rewards for each hour horseback - ownership not required!
Inspire children
Give children a unique experience
Teach children
The American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame offers classroom tours, educational outreach programs and hands-on activities with horse objects from riding centers and places like our hall of fame and museum to bring horses to life in their imagination!
We are beta testing a free online library of games, lesson plans, activities and more produced by AQHYA leaders and Junior Master Horseman activities. All to expand the excitement of learning!
Quarter Horse Outfitters has coloring books, activity guides, easy readers and each Junior Master Horseman edition. Outfit your child with clothing, games, toys and movies all available now at aqhastore.com.
Build leaders
Healthy competition and confidence
AQHYA members are involved locally, and conducts speech contests, horsebowl competitions, trips to racetracks and provides shows and opportunities to hold state and national leadership roles.
Win the greatest prize of all: Accomplishing hard tasks in the arena with a willing animal that doesn't know how to give up.
The American Quarter Horse Foundation has awarded more than $4.7 million in scholarship assistance to AQHYA members. Join and get involved for your chance to earn a share.

How do all of AQHA's legacy and newly in development youth programs work together?

How do we get to 2020 and how do we preserve the next generation of
American Quarter Horse

How do we leave
Generation Q
in good hands?
AQHA's 2020 Business Plan for Children, Youth & Young Adults
(This is what we like to call Generation Q)
AQHA now has a mission that promises to use a set of core values to grow Generation Q and get us to 2020...
Increase exercise awareness of the horse through technology.
Improve activity online and at home that promotes lifelong horse experiences
Increase revenue through the sales of horse products
Develop all horse breed products to grow industry interest
Get every interested child horseback
Healthy Lifestyles
Increase the sales of Junior Master Horseman
Develop teacher resources for Junior Master Horseman
Improve lessons and easy-to-understand horse activities to teach math, science and reading
Promote revenue-generating teacher's resource
Develop a record keeping system that encourages 4-H teens to stay involved with horses
Increase AQHF Scholarships applications
The Goals
Increase AQHYA Membership (show 10% increase in 5 years)
Increase AQHYA participation (raise from 15% to 30% in 5 years)
Increase the percentage of exiting AQHYA members to AQHA members
Grow industry interest through membership and event attendance
Use international events like Youth World Cup to establish a worldwide presence
Youth Development
Now this is a plan!
Follow a mission with a promise and core values
Focus on three areas where the horse adds value to a child's life
Target attainable goals
That allow us to build, support and modify programs
To help us get Generation Q
But what do we focus on?
But how does it all work together?
AQHA offers inclusive ways for young kids and their parents to fall in love horses, learn about them and go ride.
AQHA helps to teach life skills in classrooms, encourages 4-H involvement and begins helping you find the right horse for children!
AQHA builds leaders and challenges tomorrow's Generation Q to make a better world for our horse.
This is how.
Engage children at a young age
Use technology to show how accessible horses really are
Invite all breeds to participate
Use the industry's resources
Give it a name
Hire a world class development firm to make this happen
Then, give it a better name
Make it.
Launch it.
Get everyone interested on the back of a horse.
First, create the funnel
(you got a sneak peek of the top of the funnel last year.)
Second, encourage more rides
Develop cool rewards horseback riding program for kids in the funnel
This requires funding and support to keep kids engaged
WE ALL talk about the inherent benefits of the American Quarter Horse
Encourage AQHA members to keep kids interested
Include horse barns, lesson givers, clubwork, USPC, US Polo
Make sure what they do is always surrounded by horses
Offer vacation resources, event ticket discounts, field trips, 4-H club work and other calendar planners.
Third, encourage participation
Use Junior Master Horseman as a guide
Develop a really cool record keeping system in the kids horseback riding program through specific funding sources
Encourage participation by club work - 4-H, FFA, YMCA, BGCA
Support AQHA Members to keep kids engaged and involved
Encourage AQHYA membership to maximize rewards / benefits
Build positive environments at shows, races and in backyard riding experiences
Build leaders - in the classroom and in your community
Leave no AQHA resource behind
Fourth, make them leaders
(not finally)
Learn leadership skills
Grow your state affiliate
Get out into the community
Find more families to keep the funnel full
Show off your horsemanship skills
Get a scholarship (or 10)
Oh, join AQHA when you're 19 and be the Gen Q'er we know you will be!
The tip of the iceberg...
This is the AQHA Generation Q Business Plan
(We're looking forward to 2020!)
Let's take a trail ride into our future.
Be an inclusive, separate company targeting all breeds
Introduce America’s youth to a world of horses and the equine lifestyle
Ignite, set and fuel a passion in them for having horses throughout their life
Achieve widespread awareness and gain strong parental support for horses
Activities that benefits a child mentally, physically, socially and spiritually
Ultimate warehouse of toys, games, clothing, books, movies, home décor
Create digital pathways to real life horseback experiences
Become accessible and available around a family’s busy schedule
Thus, A New Program Was Born
The Widest Funnel Should
(Due to the research presented last year)
Forge a trail and follow a thorough business plan!
To make a positive impact on Generation Q,
our plan should answer these questions:
Or are they all disjointed?
And, this is where we are...
1 = 1 million children
Market Research
Framework development
(We can't wait for you to see what's next!)
Here's to a year's worth of...
Let's see how it works!
This idea revolutionizes the horse industry.
Now we need your support, excitement and commitment!
We now have all the tools.
The next steps for Take Me Riding:
We began development January 7, 2013
Must focus on additional funding for ongoing support
The first actors have been hired
Game development is underway
Scripts are being developed and content is being guided by the AYHC Executive Director
Partnership with the American Horse Council & timetoride.com
Take Me Riding launches in June 2014 to the horse world and will make an international appearance in September 2014
"We're looking forward to 2020."
Now, learn how AQHYA plans to build a retention program to get as many youth from the "top of the funnel" as possible.

Meet Robin Alden, Manager of AQHYA & Youth Development
And it was given a name, but now has an even better name!
The new name now connects a digital world with a physical action:
(You know, ALL horse crazy kids say this name to their parents!)
Take Me Riding.com
Progress Report on increasing AQHYA participation
A donor makes this a reality!
Special Thank you to
Art and Catherine Nicholas of
Wagonhound Land and Livestock Co., Douglas, WY
for start-up funding
A Progress Report
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