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Chris Colfer Bio.

No description

Allie Knopf

on 6 October 2011

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Transcript of Chris Colfer Bio.

Chris Colfer Chris Colfer came from Clovis California.
He was born on May 27th 1990. He has an Irish family history which he celebrates happily. He is in the entertaining business. He plays Kurt Hummel on the show Glee but he has directed and played parts in movies to go along with the singing and dancing. He has a natural flasetto voice and loves to flaunt it. I think he was chosen to be on the top 100 line-up for Time magazine is because he speaks out against bullying on Glee. He himself was bullied in High School so kids can relate to him. He helps those watchers cope thru bullying by making certain decisions and he writes books about it. He is openly gay in real life and he inspires watchers to be themselves no matter what. Chris Colfer has Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations which is one of the habits of mind. He acts on his past experiences to help out watchers on the show Glee.
He reacts to bullies the way he should have or did when he was bullied in high school. He has made new opportunities by making childrens books and by writing and directing films based on bullying and by continuing to act those roles the have tough lives and desicions. That is my presantation on Chris Colfer. Presented by Allie Knopf
CTC Carmin 11th Hi my NAME IS ALLIE
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