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Kenny's 3 character traits

No description

Troy Neeley

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Kenny's 3 character traits

Kenny's 3 character traits
Kenny Will believe anything.
Kenny Watson was probably one of the most gullible people ever. He falls for Byron's (his brother) lies all the time. One thing he lied to him about was this made up creature called the wool pooh. Byron told Kenny that it was winnie the pooh's evil brother. Of course Kenny believed him.
Kenny is really caring about others.
Kenny's most valuable trait is being caring. He cares about Joetta and Byron and his family. He went into the church that was bombed and tried to save Joetta.He was also sad about others that died too.
Kenny Watson and his stubborness
Kenny was very stubborn at times in the book. He did alot of things down in Birmingham like go to Coiller's Landing, ignored the signs and almost died.
Introducing the Watsons Go To Birmingham
In the book the Watsons Go To Birmingham-1963, author Christopher Paul Curtis portrays Kenny Watson as a stubborn, gullible, and caring little boy who lives in Flint, Michigan.
To wrap it up
All in all, Kenny was very caring, gullible and stubborn. that is what make him, Kenny Watson.
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