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kit-kat v.s. Reeses

No description

Marcus Meilahn

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of kit-kat v.s. Reeses

kit-kats and Reese's are probably two of the most favored candies by people who like sweets. Although they have differences and some similarities, it still depends on preference which one is the better of the two. We will be discussing the facts of the candies in this presentation, not opinions.
on one hand, Reese's has a semi-creamy peanut filling with a chocolate outer cup. On the other, Kit-kat has a crunchy wafer covered in chocolate. The only downside to Reese's is that it has peanuts and many people have a peanut allergy.
packaging is an important part of the candy, because it's what keeps it from getting spoiled. A kit-Kats packaging is very simple, it's a plastic wrapper shaped to the candy bar. A Reese's wrapper is a little bit more complex, the Reese's cup sits in a black wax paper shaped to the cup inside a plastic wrapping that covers the candy. More often than not though, some of the Reese's chocolate sticks to the cup and comes off when you try to remove it and make a mess.
Image by Tom Mooring

Both candies have a very distinct
taste and are easy to identify
from one another. Reese's has a chocolate peanut butter taste with a bit of sugary after taste. Kit-Kats have a chocolate flavor with a bit of vanilla from the wafer.
shape and looks
Reese's is in a circular cup shape
with a rigid edge on the top, and varies in size and shape depending on if it is a mini, regular, or king sized cup. Kit-Kats are rectangular and stick-like, they can vary from the bite sized, to the mini's, then move up to the regular sized bars and the biggest is the king sized bars.
Both candies are a delicious treat with many unique characteristics, but one of these candies will always be favored more than another. whichever one is preferred more than another depends on the person who eats it, but over all Reese's candy has more problems than Kit-Kat does.
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