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Superheroes of the Brain

M- Medulla, Parietal Lobe, Broca's Area, Wernicke's Area K- Cerebellum, Occipital Lobe, Temporal Lobe, Left Hemisphere

Kaylan Wood

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Superheroes of the Brain

By Megan Hill & Kaylan Wood Superheros of the Brain Medulla The Medulla regulates vital functions such as breathing, heart rate, circulation, muscle tone, and necessary reflexes. These reflexes include coughing, swallowing, and blood pressure. The Medulla attaches to the spinal cord and is in charge of consciousness. Medullawoman (Sterling Clear) There was an incident in Medullawoman's childhood that nearly resulted in her drowning, but an unforeseen turn of events occured and she gained the ability to breathe underwater. She used her power to win swimming events because of her ability to not stop for breaths. Medullawoman stopped using the power for personal achievement after she was given a swimming scholarship from her dream college. From then on, she committed to save people from drowning. Her only known weakness is high altitude. Cerebellum Occipital
Lobe Temporal
Lobe Parietal
Lobe Broca's Area Wernicke's
Area Left
Hemisphere Elastiwoman (Patricia Rubber) Elastiwoman was always involved with gymnastics. She began when she was three-years-old and went on to become an Olympic gymnast. During her routine of the summer Olympics, a miraculous event occurred. As her mother photographed her performance, she became extremely flexible. Her arms and legs could stretch as far as the length of the gymnasium floor. Her only know weakness is temperatures under 32 degrees Farhenheit. The Parietal Lobe is in front of the Occipital Lobe. It is the primary somatosensory cortex and its functions are kinesthetics. It regulates vision, movement, reasoning, memory, and arithmetic. The Parietal Lobe registers sense of touch and as well as receive and interpret sensations. Medullawoman has the power to breathe underwater. Her enhanced breathing ability is from her enlarged Medulla. Elastiwoman's Parietal Lobes are more enhanced than the rest of her lobes. The enhancements are the cause of her elasticity. Sergeant Sonic (Brock Boom) The Broca's Area affects speech production and if damaged, results in speech impediments or issues with pronunciation. It is located in the left frontal lobe. Sergeant Sonic's ability to create a sonic boom comes from his enhanced Broca's Area. Sergeant Sonic had a speech impediment when he was a young boy. Over the years though, he taught himself how to correctly pronunciate words and his vocabulary grew vastly. He joined chorus in high school and his teacher taught him how to control the amount of air he let out of his lungs to create an extremely long note. Sergeant Sonic found that he could use this newfound skill to create a sonic boom that would knock his enemies out cold. His only known weakness is deafening silences. The Wernicke's Area controls language comprehension and when damaged, results in meaningless streams of words. Communiman (William Travel) Communiman is multilingual and can understand any language. This ability is caused by his enhanced Wernicke's Area. Communiman was a military brat; moving frequently all around the world. He was born in the Philippines and from then on never stayed in one place longer than 6 months. This made it hard for Communiman to make friends, but he did learn every language of the location he was residing in. This skill helps him communicate with his aquantances from all over the world to defeat crime anywhere it erupts. Communiman's weakness is children who stutter. The cerebellum plays an important role in motor function. The cerebellum does not iniate movement, but controls coordination and balance. Cerebellman (George Speed) Cerebellman has the power of superspeed. This ability is caused by his enhanced cerebellum. Cerebellman used to be an average English gentleman, until one day, he was struck by lightning in the middle of a storm. The strike gave him the power of superspeed. Able to run at the speed of light and his only weaknesses are all things adorable. These objects distract him from his intended destination and stop him in his tracks. The Occipital Lobe is the visual processing center of the brain. It contains the primary visual cortex and its main function is vision. The Super Occipital (Victor Visual) The Super Occipital is given the ability of x-ray vision from his enlargened Occipital Lobe. He has the ability to see through the thickest of walls and floors. The Super Occipital was an optometrist at one time in his life. He was diagnosed to be legally blind and nothing could be done to correct it. He created a device that he believed would create perfect vision, but it did more than that. The Super Occipital gained the ability of x-ray vision. He fights crime along with the Mega Temporal due to his weakness; weak hearing. He relies on his enhanced vision at all times. The Temporal Lobe is involved in auditory perception and houses the primary auditory cortex. It is also important for the processing of semantics in both speech and vision. The Mega Temporal The Mega Temporal has the power of sonic hearing. This allows him to hear from long distances away and eavesdrop on villians' schemes. This ability is given to him from his enhanced temporal lobe. The Mega Temporal was once an FBI agent who was trained to foil the oppositions' plans by reporting them to the government. The government found it necessary to improve his skills and they sought to perform experiments to improve his hearing. The experiments were successful and he became the FBI's top agent. He fights crime along with the Super Occipital due to his weakness; weak vision. He relies on his enhanced hearing at all times. The left hemisphere is in charge of language and processes in logical and sequential order. The hemisphere of the brain also specializes in writing, scientific skills, and arithmetic. Mr. Left Genius (Albert Glop) Mr. Left Genius is a super genius. His knowledge is profound and extense. This ability is caused by his. larger left hemisphere. Mr. Left Genius was born a super-genius. His parents were surprised to find him able to speak sentences at eight weeks. He skipped elementary school altogether and graduated from Harvard at the age of 13. With his mind continuously working, he has difficulty keeps quiet. He has the inability to stop talking and he accidentally blows his cover. Mr. Left Genius's weaknesses are stealth and creativity with his elaborate plans. (Matthew Temporal)
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