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Korean Pop

No description

Bayley Mitchell

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Korean Pop

SUPER JUNIOR BEAST Korean Pop (K-pop) Idols! By Bayley Mitchell What is K-pop? Big Bang is a boy group made first with 6 members but dropped a member and became 5, made by YG Entertainment. Big Bang debuted with their song "Lies" in 2006. Big Bang consists of G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Seungri and Daesang. Big Bang's fans are called V.I.P's. Big Bang's most popular songs include: Monster, Fantastic Baby, Haru Haru, Bad Boy, Tonight and Blue. PSY PSY's real name is Park Jaesang and was born on the 31st
of December 1977. PSY debuted with the song "Bird" in 1999
as a solo singer with YG Entertainment. PSY is derived from the word "PSYcho." PSY is happily married with two children. PSY is now globally recognised with his hilarious song "Gangnam Style."
Gangnam Style has had over 900 million views on Youtube. PSY
has won many MAMA (MNET Asian Music Awards) such as Song
of the year and best music video and so on.... PSY's saying
is: "Dress Classy, Dance cheesy." The Agencies K-pop Media MNET is a big entertainment company that holds events for K-pop like MAMA (MNET Asian Music Awards)
SBS channel that supports Popasia which is all about asian pop but mostly Korean Pop
KBS shows many series that involve K-pop groups and Idols. Other Entertainment Agencies Cube Entertainment: Beast, 4minute, BTOB & G.NA
NH Media: U-Kiss
FNC Entertainment: FT Island, CN Blue BIGBANG Girl's Generation K-pop (Korean Pop) is popular music in South Korea. The start of K-pop was in 1992 where dance and rap music brought by Seo Taiji & boys, was when the modern K-pop derived from.

The main agencies being YG Entertainment, SM Town and JYP Entertainment. These companies have brought many Idols (celebrities) into this world, for example, PSY (Global sensation).

K-pop Idols are known for the energetic and lively performances.

K-pop is globally recognised and probably the most popular asian music around the world. The main agencies, as I said before were SM Town, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment.

SMTown: There most famous Idols or Idol groups are-
Exo, TVXQ, SHINee, Girls Generation, Boa, f(x) & Super Junior

YG Entertainment: Are famous for many Idols and Idol groups and here are some-
Big Bang, 2ne1, Se7en, PSY, Epik High & G-Dragon

JYP Entertainment: JYP has many famous Idols and Idol groups as such-
2AM, 2PM, Miss A, Wonder Girls and JJ Project SHINEE SHINee is a 5 member boy band created by SM Town. The name
SHINee is derived from the word "shiny." SHINee debuted with their hit song 'Replay' in 2008. The members of SHINee consist of Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin. SHINee's fan base is called SHINee World (Shining world) and SHINee fans are called ShaWols (Shining world + Shinee World). SHINee's most popular songs are: Replay, AMIGO, Juliette, Hello, Stand By Me (used in the popular korean drama; "Boys over Flowers"), Ring Ding Dong, Lucifer, Sherlock and the most recent song, Dazzling Girl (Japanese). SHINee: Just debuted SHINee: Most recent Korean hit MEMBERS Onew (Leader [oldest] Onew)- Real Name: Lee Jin-ki. DOB: 14/12/89. Known for his "Onew Condition." Also, Onew really likes Chicken. SHINee's lead vocalist. His fans are called MVPs.

Jonghyun (Bling Bling Jonghyun)- Real Name: Kim Jonghyun. DOB: 8/4/90. Known for being very manly. Shortest member of SHINee. SHINee's main vocalist. His fans are called Blingers.

Key (Almighty Key)- Real Name: Kim Kibum. DOB: 23/9/91. SHINee's lead rapper and lead dancer. His fans are called Lockets.

Minho (Flaming Charisma Minho)- Real Name: Choi Minho. DOB: 9/12/91. Tallest member of SHINee. Minho is very competitive. SHINee's main rapper. His fans are called Flames.

Taemin (Maknae [youngest] Taemin)- Real Name: Lee Taemin. DOB: 18/7/93. Taemin is always called cute.
He is known for his amazing dancing skills. SHINee's main dancer. His fans are called Taemints. 2NE1 2NE1 is a girl group formed by YG Entertainment. The name 2NE1 is derived from a combination of "21st century" and "New Evolution." 2NE1 debuted with their song "Fire" in 2009. The members of the group consist of CL, Park Bom, Dara and Minzy. Their most popular songs are: Fire, I Don't Care, Lonely, Ugly, I am the Best, Hate You, Can't Nobody, Scream (Japanese) and I love you. 2NE1 fans are called Blackjacks. MEMBERS CL- Leader of 2NE1. Real Name: Lee Chae-Rin. DOB: 26/2/91. 2NE1's main rapper.
Park Bom- Oldest in 2NE1. DOB: 24/3/84. 2NE1's main vocalist.
Dara- Real Name: Sandara Park. DOB: 12/11/84.
Minzy- Maknae (youngest) of 2NE1. Real Name: Gong Minji. DOB: 18/1/94. 2NE1's lead rapper. CL Minzy Park Bom Dara T.O.P Seungri G-Dragon Daesung Taeyang G-DRAGON G-Dragon is also a solo singer. He debuted with his popular song "Heartbreaker" in 2009. He has won the best male artist award at MAMA 2012 (MNET music asian awards). He has released many popular songs such as: Heartbreaker, THAT XX, Crayon, One of a Kind, Breathe and High High (composed with T.O.P). He is also jealous of PSY's global success with Gangnam Style. Girl's Generation (SNSD, soshi) is a 9 member girl group created by SM Town. Originally Girl's Generation was going to be a 12 member girl group but 3 girls either left or were dropped from the group leaving Girl's Generation with 9 members.

Girl's Generation debuted with their song "Into the New World" in 2007. Their fans are called SONES (So one). Girl's Generation's most popular songs are: Gee, Mr.Taxi, Genie, Oh!, Run Devil Run, Echo, Bad Girl, The Boys, Hoot, Time Machine, Paparazzi and All my love is for you.

The members consist of Kim Taeyeon (leader), Kwon Yuri, Sunny (Lee Soon kyu), Jessica (Jung Soon yeon), Choi Sooyoung, Tiffany (Hwang Mi young), Im Yoona, Kim Hyoyeon and Seohyun (Seo Joo-hyun) (Maknae [youngest]). Seohyun Yuri Soo young Tiffany Yoona Sunny Taeyeon Jessica Hyoyeon TaeTiSeo TaeTiSeo (TTS) is a sub-unit of Girl's Generation made up of 3 members : Taeyeon (leader), Tiffany and Seohyun (youngest). TTS is made up of the strongest voices in Girl's Generation. TaeTiSeo debuted in 2012 with their hit single "Twinkle." Taeyeon Tiffany Seohyun I AM THE BEST- 2NE1 Lucifer Fantastic Baby GEE! Super Junior (Suju) debuted with 12 members but one went to pursue a career in acting, another to the military. So, Suju had 10 members most of the time, but in 2012 the member who went to the military rejoined them with their song "Sexy, Free and Single." But now, Leeteuk has gone to military service leavng Suju with 9 active members. Super Junior debuted with their song "Sorry, Sorry" in 2005 by SM Town. Suju's fans are called E.L.F's (EverLasting Friends). The member consist of Leeteuk (leader), Yesung, Siwon, Heechul, Sungmin, Kangin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Shindong, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun (Maknae [youngest]). Their popular songs include; Bonamana, Mr.Simple, A-cha, Superman, SPY, Oppa Oppa (Eunhyuk and Donghae), Sorry sorry and Sexy Free and Single. G-Dragon (leader)- Real Name: Kwon Ji-yong. DOB: 18/8/88. Big Bang's lead rapper and vocalist.
T.O.P- Real Name: Choi Seung hyun. DOB: 4/11/87. He is known for being cool but mischievous. He is Big Bang's main rapper.
Taeyang- Real Name: Dong Young bae. DOB: 18/5/88. Big Bang's main dancer and vocalist.
Daesung- Real Name: Kang Daesung. DOB: 26/4/89. First labeled as an "unpretty boy" but later to be discovered that he was very popular. Big Bang's lead vocalist.
Seungri (Maknae [youngest])- Real Name: Seung hyun. DOB: 12/12/90. Big Bang's main vocalist. Kangin Kyuhyun Donghae Ryeowook Sungmin Siwon Shindong Yesung Eunhyuk Leeteuk Heechul Beast is a 6 member boy band formed by Cube Entertainment. Beast debuted with their mini album "Beast is the B2st" in 2009. The members consist of Doo joon (leader), Hyun seung, Jun hyung, Yo seob, Gi kwang and Dong woon (Maknae [youngest]). Beast's fans are called B2UTIES. Some of Beast's most popular songs are; Fiction, Fact, Shock, Breathe, Back to you and Beautiful Night. f(x) f(x) is a 5 member girl band formed by SM Town, The name f(x) is derived from the mathematical notation for function. f(x) debuted with their song "La Cha Ta" in 2009. The members consist of Victoria (leader), Sulli, Amber, Luna and Krystal (Maknae [youngest]). f(x) fans are called Affi(x)tion (affection). f(x)'s most popular songs are; Hot summer, Nu abo, Electric Shock, Pinocchio, Lollipop (feat. SHINee)
and Danger. Luna Sulli Victoria Amber Krystal Exo Exo is a 12 member split into two sub-units formed by SM Town. Exo M (Mandarin) and Exo K (Korean) are each made out of 6 members. Exo is a rookie band since they only debuted this year (2012). The name Exo is derived from the word exoplanet which means planets outside of the solar system. Exo's debut single "Mama" was released on the 8th of April 2012. Exo K's members consists of Suho (Kim Joon myun)[leader], Byun Baek hyun, D.O (Do Kyung soo), Park Chanyeol, Kai (Kim Jong In) and Oh Sehun. Exo M consists of Kris (Li Jiaheng)[leader], Xiumin (Kim Min seok), Lu Han, Lay (Zhang Yixing), Chen (Kim Jong Dae) and Tao (Huang Zitao). Some of Exo's most popular songs are; Mama, History and What is Love. Exo K Exo M 4 Minute 4 minute is a 5 member girl band created by Cube Entertainment. They made their debut in 2009 in June with their song "Hot Issue." Their band's name is 4 minute because they said they would captivate their fans in 4 minutes. The members consist of Nam Ji hyun (leader), Heo Ga yoon, Jeon Ji yoon, Kim Hyuna and Kwon So hyun (Maknae [youngest]). 4 minute fans are called 4NIA (4 minute + mania). 4 minutes most popular songs are 4 minutes left, Volume Up, Huh, Hot Issue and I my me mine. Kim Hyuna Hyuna is a member of the 5 member band 4 minute but also pursues a solo career as a singer. Hyuna was a former member of Wonder Girls. Hyuna debuted as a solo artist in 2010 with her song "change". Hyuna also collaborated with Beast's Hyun seung in 2011 with the hit song "Trouble Maker." Kim Hyuna is best known for her appearance in PSY's "Gangnam Style" and also collaborating with PSY with Oppa is just my style which is pretty much Gangnam Style Hyuna version. Kim Hyuna is born on June 6th 1992 and has a deep connection with her mother. Hyuna's most popular songs are Oppa is just my Style, Trouble Maker, Bubble Pop and Icecream. Bubble Pop Hyuna MEMBERS CN BLUE CN Blue is a 4 member boy band formed my FNC ENtertainment. CN Blue officially debuted to the public in 2012 with their song "I'm a Loner." The members consist of Jung Yonghwa (leader), Lee Jonghyun, Kang Minhyuk and Lee Jungshin (Maknae [youngest]). CN Blue's are called BOICE, a combination of Voice and Blue. The name CN Blue comes from- CN: Code Name, B: Burning represents Jonghyun, L: Lovely represents Minhyuk, U: Untouchable represents Jungshin and E: Emotional represents Yonghwa. CN Blue's most popular songs are: I'm a Loner, Where you are, Love Girl, Sarang bit (love light), Still in Love, Hey you and Banmal song (collaboration with SNSD's Seohyun and CN Blue's Yonghwa). I'm a Loner TVXQ When first debuted, TVXQ was a 5 member boy band in 2003. But trouble hit when 3 of 5 members filed for an injunction against SM Town. This led to TVXQ ceasing all activities after 2009. After a few months TVXQ returned as a duo consisting of U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin. TVXQ is an acronym for Tong Vfang Xien Qi (Korean: Dong Bang Shin Ki [DBSK]) translating to The Rising Gods of the East. TVXQ's fanbase is called Cassiopeia and the fans are called Cassiopeians. The most popular songs by TVXQ are; Keep your head down, Tri-angle, Rising Sun, TONE and Catch Me. Changmin Yunho Catch Me FT ISLAND FT Island debuted as a 6 member band but at the start of 2009 a member left. FT Island is a 5 member boy band created by FNC Entertainment. FT Island debuted with their song "Love Sick" in 2007. FT Island is shortened version of Five Treasure Island. FT Island fans are called Primadonnas. FT Island consists of Choi Jong hoon (leader), Lee Hongki, Lee Jae jin, Choi Min hwan and Song Seung hyun. FT Triple is a sub-unit of FT Island and consist of Jae jin, Min hwan (maknae) and Jong hoon since the other two members are busy. FT Island's popular songs are; Love Sick, I Hope, Bing bing bing and I wish. I wish MISS A Miss A is a 4 member Korean/Chinese girl group formed by JYP Entertainment. They debuted in 2010 with their song "Bad girl Good girl." Miss A's fanbase is called Say A. The members consist of Fei (Wang Fei Fei), Meng Jia, Min (Lee Min young) and Suzy (Bae Su ji). Miss A's popular songs are; Bad girl Good girl, Good by baby, Touch and I don't need a man. Suzy Fei Jia Min Touch U-KISS U-Kiss debuted as a 6 member boy band formed my NH Media but 1 left and in 2011 two joined U-kiss. Making U-kiss a 7 member boy band. The name U-kiss is an acronym for Ubiquitous Korean International idol Super Star. U-kiss debuted in 2008 with their album "New Generation." U-kiss fans are called Kiss Me. U-kiss's members consist of Soohyun, Kiseop, Eli, AJ, Hoon, Kevin and Dongho. Some of U-kiss's songs are; Shut up, Dora Dora, Neverland, Believe and Stop Girl. K-POP (or just Korean) LANGUAGE! Maknae- Youngest in the group
Idol- Celebrities in Korea
MAMA- MNET Asian Music Awards
Gangnam- When a person or couple dress classy during the day and party all night.
KBS- Korean Broadcasting System
Oppa- older man
Sub-unit (Sub-group)- A separate smaller group in the bigger group that realeases songs.
Onew Condition- When doing random things, being clumsy, airheaded, making hilarious mistakes or not knowing what you're doing. Named after Leader Onew considering he is all these things. The Onew condition is quite contagious. THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!
BY BM!!!!! B.A.P B.A.P is a 6 member boy band formed by TS Entertainment. B.A.P debuted with their popular song "Warrior" in 2012 (making B.A.P a rookie band). B.A.P stands for Best Absolute Perfect. B.A.P consists of Zelo (maknae), Bang Yong Guk (leader), Kim Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae and Jong up. B.A.P's fans are called Babys. B.A.P's other popular songs are; Warrior, No Mercy and Stop it. Warrior
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