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Buried Child

By: Sam Shepard

Kaela Northern

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Buried Child

Characters Dodge
Main Character
Dying during the course of the play
Has horrible coughing attacks
Sarcastic and Cynical
Has a very dry sense of humor
Halie's Husband
Tilden, Ansel, and Bradley's father Halie
Secondary Character
Refuses to accept reality
Had an affair with Tilden
Had an incestuous baby
Having an affair with Father Dewis
Dodge's Wife
Tilden, Ansel, and Bradley's mother Tilden
Mentally and emotionally unstable
Used to be an athlete in high school
Had a baby with his mother
Doesn't realize what happened to the baby but blames Dodge
Dodge's and Halie's son
Bradley and Ansel's brother
Vince's father Bradley
Physically impaired
Jealous of Tilden
Had his leg chopped off by a chainsaw
Classic Bully
Hurts anyone he can to make himself seem stronger
Mentally incapable Vince
Tilden's son who nobody remembers
Only is in the first and last scenes
Comes very stable, ends up instable
Lost in the past Shelly
The mental anchor point for the audience
Brings the families traumatic past to the light
Talks about 'the american family' she expected versus the family that the main characters are
Tries to gain Dodge's and Tilden's trust, and make the best of the situation
Fears Bradley Father Dewis
A corrupt minister
Preaches about things he doesn't understand
Is having an affair with Halie BURIED CHILD Symbolism Dry Humor
Insane family situations
Traumatic Events
Mental Issues Themes The farm failing: the family falling apart because of Tilden and Halie's incestuous baby.
The farm blooming: the tragedy finally coming out in the open again after so much hiding. Setting An old rustic farmhouse basement for the entire play, where dodge lies on the couch slowely deteriorating.
Halie goes out and lives anyways regardless of her husband's condition.
A house where nothing has bloomed since before the baby was born. Plot Dodge is drinking downstairs
Halie goes to 'meet' Father Dewis
Bradley comes in and shaves Dodge's head while he's sleeping
Vince and Shelly arrive
Dodge doesnt recognize Vince
Vince goes to get Dodge alcohol
Shelly tries to get Tilden to talk about whats going on with the family
Bradley harasses Shelly, scares Tilden off, and abuses Dodge
Halie comes home and acts all 'holy' with Father Dewis
Halie and Shelly argue
Dodge tells Shelly about killing the incest baby to save his families honor
Vince comes and is drunk
Vince attacks Bradley and scares Dodge
Shelly leaves, having had enough
Dodge dies and leaves his house to Vince at the last moment
Tilden walks in carrying the dead body of the baby that is now nothing but rags and bones
Halie comments on how the farm is blooming outside now. Sam Shepard Kaela Northern Camille Premeau Desiree Stricklin Sarah Torrente
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