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It's About to get Controversial

No description

Lacy Hope

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of It's About to get Controversial

It's About to get Controversial
Kick-off Discussion
Purpose of a Thesis Statement
Makes a claim about a specific topic
"China's overwhelming pollution will be the leading cause of infant health concerns for children born in urban areas."

Allows the writer to give an opinion by, for example,
- Proposing a policy change
"Government policies regarding net neutrality should be revoked."
- Assessing a cause-and-effect
"The US conflict in the Middle East will ultimately hurt foreign relations with other nations."
- Offering an interpretation on a form of media
"The heavy use of gun violence in action movies stems from the American ideology of gun rights."

The goal is to pique the readers' interest and prepare them for the rest of the essay.
Writing Your Thesis
1. Review your pre-writing materials to find possible arguments

2. State your topic

3. Propose a debatable stance on the topic

Creating a Strong Thesis
In your own words, define the term "thesis."

Why is a thesis so important to an argumentative essay?

What are the components of a thesis?
"A thesis is a (1) complete sentence that (2) clearly states the essay's topic, (3) asserts the writer's point of view on a topic, and (4) may briefly state the essay's major subdivisions."
An effective thesis...
Is a complete sentence

"Wildest Dream" is Taylor Swift's best song.
Takes a position
In order to prevent mass shootings, the American government should provide additional gun safety and training classes for permit carriers.
Includes a "map" for the rest of the essay
By assessing the (1) social and (2) academic benefits, we can conclude that requiring students to live in on-campus is beneficial to first year students.
An effective thesis is not...
A broad statement
Pollution is bad for the environment.
A title
Target vs. Walmart
A question
Should all student loan debt be forgiven?
In closing...
A thesis is a debatable statement that holds your essay together
A thesis, generally speaking, comes at or near the end of the introduction paragraph
A thesis is not a broad statement, title, or question
Thesis = Topic + Point of View
A non-debatable statement
Washington legislatures want to ban colleges and universities from requiring books over $100.
Get into groups of 4-5
Play as you normally would
EXCEPT: Defend your Red Apple Card to the selector
Frame your defense as a thesis
Topic+Point of View
October 7, 2015
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