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Tony Stewart PR Crisis

No description

Leslie Lestinsky

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Tony Stewart PR Crisis

What Happened?
"Kevin Ward Jr. died of blunt force trauma when he was hit by a car driven by NASCAR star Tony Stewart, his autopsy has revealed. The autopsy was completed on Monday, two days after the 20-year-old New York sprint car driver died after the incident in Canandaigua, New York, Ontario County",
Sheriff Philip Povero

Other Responses
The Kevin Ward Jr. “Young Stars Challenge” presented by TJSlideways.com will honor Kevin Ward, Jr., who passed away following a tragic accident in the Empire Super Sprints event held at Canandaigua Motorsports Park on Saturday, August 9. -
Empire Super Sprints
The Response
Tony Stewart has issued a statement revealing that 'there aren't words to describe the sadness' he feels after he caused the death of Kevin Ward Jr by running over and killing him in New York on Saturday
The Press Conference
What they did right
Immediate Response from Stewart
Stewart kept quiet about details/refrained from interviews
Stewart withdrew from next 2 races
Press Conference
Press Conference immediately following Grand Jury decision
NASCAR bar and other racing responses
Stewart's past hostile record, somewhat intentional?
Marijuana testing on Ward.
Could he see him on sprint track?
Press Conference came after Ward's Aunt spoke out.
What to do differently
New regulations at Empire track, make these public
Better, more clear statement from Stewart, earlier.
Tony Stewart
Kevin Ward
Racing gone wrong.......recreation turned tragic
NASCAR on Friday barred its drivers from approaching the track or moving cars after an incident during the race.
"Through time you have to recognize when you get a reminder or tap on the shoulder, something that may need to be addressed,this is one of those times where we look outside our sport and we look at other things, and we feel like it was time to address this."
Robin Pemberton, NASCAR's vice president of competition and racing development.

"Drivers are supposed to stay put until a safety team arrives unless there is a fire or other extenuating circumstances".-
IndyCar spokesman Mike Kitchel
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