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Intro to Data Management

An introduction to the data management course.

Duncan McIntyre

on 16 August 2012

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Transcript of Intro to Data Management

Management So... it's about managing data, right? Well yes... But it's more... Oh so much more If NUMBERS are
the TRUNK of the
TREE of MATH whoa... a tree... Then we are climbing up that trunk higher than EVER! Scared? Don't be Worried? Excited? Don't be Yeah.
Me, too. So what's it all about? Just a few things... Statistics Probability Probability Distributions Counting Permutations Combinations Data Random Variables Counting? Really? Will you like it? PROBABLY Most likely the most
useful math you'll
learn in high school No, really! And you'll use it to prove something, too But YOU get to decide what! Now that's cool So it's time to say GOODBYE To some old friends But... HELLO To some new friends Trust me,
it'll be... Well, it's math... so how can it NOT be? Ready? Let's go climb the You think that's cool?
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