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Freytag's Plot Pyramid

for ENG II (H)

Merchaunt Aal-Anubia

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Freytag's Plot Pyramid

Gustav Freytag
Falling Action
The Problem or inciting incident that interupts natural harmony
Gustav Freytag, a German playwright and critic,
recognized that all of Shakespeare’s tragedies have six distinct
structural elements
The Groundwork is Layed for the Story
Fretag's Plot Pyrimid
Leads towards a revelation of meaning
The pivital point or major event in a story
The part of the story where all problems and/or mysteries of the plot are unraveled
By: Merchaunt Aal-Anubia
The Pyramid
How Freytag's Pyramid came to be.
The situation in the story
the relationship between characters
Rising Action
The things that build to an irreversable pivital point
One or more of the characters comes into conflict with his/herself, another character, outside force, or nature
The Resolution
The Aftermath
Rising Action
Falling Action
Denouncement (Resolution)
Street fighting between Capulets and Montagues ; Romeo loves Rosaline; Juliet is to marry Paris
Balcony scene: Romeo and Juliet promise to marry
Tybalt kills Mercutio; Romeo kills Tybalt; Prince banishes Romeo from Verona
Juliet and Friar Lawrence come upwith a plan for Juliet to escape marriage to Paris
Romeo learns Juliet is dead; Romeo kills Paris at Juliet’s tomb, then kills himself with poison; Juliet wakes up and stabs herself
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