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Evolution ; By: Sherman Alexie

No description

Elaina Shoaf

on 21 September 2015

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Transcript of Evolution ; By: Sherman Alexie

Evolution ; By: Sherman Alexie
Pre-reading activity
Partner up and describe how you think Native Americans were treated .
Who is Sherman Alexie?
Poem Analysis : Evolution
(Document camera)
Article Summary
Buffalo Bill opened a pawn shop on the reservation, across the border from the liquor store. His pawn shop was open 24/7. Indians were known for drinking. So, when they were above the influence, Bill would get them to sell some or all of their valuables. Everything the Indians owned was sold to the pawn shop, and soon they had nothing. Buffalo Bill then closed the pawn shop, where all of the Indians prized possesions were. Bill opened The museum of Native American Cultures and charged the Natives 5 bucks each to enter. Buffalo Bill took advantage of the Natives.
Post-Reading Activity
Partner up and have a silent debate on whether or not you agree or disagree with the treatment of the Native Americans.
Works Consulted
Academy of American Poets. "Sherman Alexie." Poets.org.nd September 9 2015
Hannah Truitt and Elaina Shoaf
-Sherman Alexie was born on the 7th of October, 1966.
-Alexie was born with a condition known as hydrocephalus and had to have brain surgery when he was six months old. He was not expected to live but he beat the odds.
-His nickname as a child was "The Globe" because of how big his head was. This was due to hydrocephalus.
-He is the author of “Superman and Me."
-He is a Spookane Indian, he lived on the Spookane Indian Reservation.
-His love for books started at the young age of 3
-He writes ; poems, short stories an novels

Sherman Alexie
Article summary.
Benjamin Branham
Benjamin gives us a deeper explanation into the meaning and reaoning behind Alexie's poem. Branham explains the sterotypes from the poem. One of them being how Indians are know for drinking. He addresses how Alexie uses an icon like Buffalo Bill. He then goes on to explain the deeper meaning for using Bill. Bill is an iconic character in most "Cowboy vs Indian" movies, and shows.
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