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04.05 The Great Depreession

No description

zherica davis

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of 04.05 The Great Depreession

In the lesson, you read about the causes of the Great Depression and how the U.S. government reacted to it. You also saw how Americans were affected by these hard times.
Look at the photograph shown on this screen. It was taken by Dorothea Lange in 1935 of two families on the side of a highway in Bakersfield, California.
Choose three people from the photograph. Write one paragraph from each person's perspective explaining how the Great Depression has affected their lives.
Elements you must include when writing your paragraphs:

Details of the photograph, such as which person you chose, what they are wearing, and what belongings they have with them.
How the stock market crash or Dust Bowl affected your chosen person.
Why your person chose to migrate during the Great Depression.

First Person Chosen
The first person that I chose is the man in the middle of the families. He has on at black cowboy looking hat and has a few boxes that look like suitcases sitting in front of him. I chose him because he is the first thing that my eyes were drawn to in the picture. He has the most responsibility. He most likely was a farmer and chose to leave during The Great Depression because of the Dust Bowl. The Dust Bowl made it very difficult for him to tend to his farm and he couldn't make any money off of a farm that was not growing, so he took his family where either farming was better and easier and/or he was able to find a job that would pay him enough money to support his family.
Second Person Chosen
Third Person Chosen
The third person that I chose is the woman furthest to the left. She has short brown hair and is wearing a long black jacket with a plaid dress underneath it. She also has some cute little heels. She probably was the wife of the man who's standing next to her. He probably was a farmer. She looks like the type of woman who would do anything that her husband tells her to do. one of those things may have been to move because his farm wasn't producing and product to sell so he couldn't provide for her so he asked her to move. Being the good wife that she is, she probably agreed with him. Now she is migrating with her husband to a place that will have a job willing to pay him enough money that he will need in order to support his family.
The Great Depression and The Dust Bowl
Library of Congress [LC-USZ62-131673]
Module 04.05 Lesson
Google Images
Zherica Davis
04.05 The Great Depression
Zherica Davis
February 26, 2015

The second person that I chose is the little boy standing right next to the man in the cowboy hat. The little boy has on a button up shirt and it looks like he has blonde hair. He is looking directly across from him towards the two women and the baby. The stock market probably had a lot to do with why him and his family had to move. The problem probably got to a point where his family couldn't handle it anymore, so they moved in order to support him. He probably has no idea why they are moving. He most likely has no say in moving, he probably has to just go along with it.
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