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Definitions to the Elements of a Short Story

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Kristina` Vazquez

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Definitions to the Elements of a Short Story

Definitions to the Elements of a Short Story

Problems that exist inside the characters' mind.
Person vs. self
The feelings, beliefs, and values of a character.
The sequence of related events that make up a story or drama.

The beginning of a story. Exposes the main characters and setting.


The problems that exist inside the story.

Problems that surround the characters.
Person vs. Person
Person vs. Community
Person vs. Nature


The events (complications) leading up to the climax

Rising Action

The highest moment of suspense and excitement; the turning point of the story.


The results of the climax; events that occur afterwards

Falling Action
The physical traits of a character.

How the story ends; the solution.


The main character in the story


The person or force who opposes the protagonist


The viewpoint from which a story is told.
Omniscient- the teller of the story can take us into the minds of all the characters.
Third Person- the writer tells the story from viewpoint of an outside narrator.
First Person- an "I' tells the story. Our perspective of other characters comes from this person's view.

Point of View

Hints an author purposely drops throughout the story to suggest its outcome/ending


A conversation between characters


The overall attitude of the author.


The central insight that the story gives us about life and human nature


The way in which a story is written; the use of literary devices


Feelings risen WITHIN THE READER due to author's word choice and style of writing

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