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No description

Jonna Way

on 11 September 2016

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Transcript of Ruth

Ruth returns with Naomi
There is no prospect of anything but homelessness and being a stranger in another land.

It was apparent that Ruth really loved and respected Naomi.

Ruth 1:6-14
Ruth 1:15-22

The winnowing floor
Ruth surprised Boaz, but asks him to be the kindsman redeemer.
Ruth 3:1-8
Ruth 3:9-18
Boaz and Ruth had Obed
Obed was the father of Jesse
Jesse was the father of David

What one story from your life do you want your decendents to remember?
what relative do you remember a story about that you are proud he/she is in your family?
Emilech, Naomi, Mahlon and Kilion left Judah for the 30 mile (7-10 day journey) to Moab
Have you ever lived and/or worked on a farm?
Ruth 1:1-2
Ruth 1:3-5
Boaz sees Ruth and is gracious to her
Stay here with my servant girls.
Ruth 2:1-18
Ruth 2:19-23
Kindsman redeemer Leviticus 25:25
Boaz settles the land in front of the elders.
Ruth 4:1-12
Ruth 4:13-17
Ruth 4;18-22
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