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No description

Gurneet Sidhu

on 26 February 2017

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Transcript of Pandas

Giant Pandas
Animal Classification

Class :
Order: Carnivorous
Family: Bears
Species: Ailuropoda,melanoleuca
Physical Characteristic
- Large round head
-Shaggy and Oily
-white Body
-Black ears,eye patches
shoulders and legs
-Powerful Jaw muscles
-Strong Swimmers
- Black and White
-Fur is black

-Muzzle Legs and
-6 feet long 300 IB 3 feet longs
- China
- Bamboo forest
-4 000 to 11 000 feet above

- Cool misty forest
- Broad leaves
- Southwestern China
Sihuan , Gansu and Shaanxi
- Live where bamboo grows
- Active day and night
-Mixture of conifer
- Southwestern
- Sichuan
- Gansu
- 99% diet bamboo
- Meat from dead animals
- Eat Wild Parsnip
- Willow leaves and bark.
- Eat sitting up or lying
- Help them free paw
- Eat softer fiber in bamboo
- Peel and eat bamboo shoot
lest than 1 minute.
25- 30 pounds eat.
-Born in August or September
- Pink
- Very tiny
-blind and toothless

-Size of human hand when born
- 1 month spend time in mother's arm
- Mother keeps cub in her mouth when
- When sleeping mother sleeps while sitting up
- With cub in here hand
-Wieght only 2 IB
- Rarest animals on earth
-Only found in china
-Found in lowland since 1970
-Drink alot of water
-Keep a cent on trees
-Fear of leapords
-Live to 20 years in
Fun Fact
- Pandas are a symbol of peace in China
- Pandas have been living on earth for 2 to 3 million years
-Pandas were once all white bears
-panda fur is worth between $60,000 and $100,000 on illegal trade market
- Pandas have 42 teeth
-Panda mother is 900 times of a new born cub
- Cubs stay with there mother for 3 years.
Giant pandas By: Don Cruickshank
Pandas By: Jennifer Zeiger
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