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Electric Circuits

Ues this to get ready for the Cicuit Project

Rod Williams

on 23 May 2017

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Transcript of Electric Circuits

Use this to get ready for the Circuit Project
1. Schematic -
B) A parallel circuit with -
Use the following vocabulary and diagrams to complete Part 1
Electric Circuits
So... Draw these:
Now, some parallel circuits
E) A parallel circuit with -
A) A Series circuit with -
So, put it all together
of an electric circuit
2. Electricity -
of electrons
3. Electric Circuit
A closed loop of electric flow.
A circle
4. Conductor -
A material that
electrons to pass easily.
5. Insulator -
A material that
the flow of electrons.
6. Resistor -
A material that makes it
for electrons to flow.
7. Series Circuit -
A circuit set so that electricity must flow through
8. Parallel Circuit -
A circuit set so that the electricity has a
of which devices to flow through.
- Conductor
(a wire)
Draw the following diagrams, along with their explanations.
- Battery
- In science it is known as a
dry cell
, no water
3) Switch (gate) -
closed, light on
open, light off
4) Fuse -
Designed weak spot
5) Light or lamp -
6) Ground
7) No connection, just 2 wires crossing
8) Connection, electricity can flow different ways.
Important for parrallel circuits!
1) Draw the following schematics.
2) When you get the hang of it...
...try to draw them
looking at my version.
- 3 lights, 1 battery and 1 switch
Part 2
Use the following slides to help you through the second part.
That's it!
But, this will probably only get you a 'PASS' on the proficiency.
I encourage you to start trying to draw them
, then look at my version.
This will
help you
learn to do it faster.
- 3 lights
- 3 switches
1 battery
Only 1 light on,
this one
- - -
C) A series circuit with -
- 4 lights
- 1 battery
- 1 switch
D) A series circuit with -
- 4 lights
- 1 battery
- 2 switches
No, I am not going to do it for you. Figure it out on your own.
- 3 lights
- 1 battery
each with its
F) A parallel circuit with -
-1 battery
- 1 switch, 3 lights
- 1 switch, 2 lights
- 1) switch, 1 light
If you want a higher grade -
1) Strive to build good models.
2) Might not be able do that in Summer School, but you will in CPR.
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