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RA Mediation Presentation

For RA Training

Lacey Taylor

on 17 August 2010

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Transcript of RA Mediation Presentation

Mediation What is the role of a Mediator? The Struggle Spectrum Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6 Mild Disagreement Description: Residents still act as friends/acquaintances, and will engage in open communication to reach joint problem solving.
Make sure they are talking to each other. Your Role Your Role Your Role Your Role Your Role Your Role Disagreement Dispute Campaign Litigation Fight or War Description: Residents will act as rivals, engaging in contention over their choice. Though the communication is still open, it will be strained.
Ensure that dialog is civil and productive. Steps of Mediation: 1. Introduce Mediation Practice Description: Residents will act as opponents, though they will try to play by the rules of mediation. They will, individually, make rationalizations for their arguments, and their communication will be limited and tense. MEDIATE! Make sure your HA knows what’s going on. Description:Residents will act as competitors, and use emotional/logical strategies to persuade others to their side. Communication will be restricted and antagonistic. Report to your HA, they will help you determine a course of action. Description: Residents will act as antagonists. They will use SELECTIVE arguments to gain the opinion of the mediator. Communication will be blocked. Contact your HA, this is past mediation. Description: Residents will act as enemies, and will used psychological or physical violence to eliminate each other. Communication only occurs through violence. Call the police as needed, and your hall advisor. DO NOT JUMP IN ON THIS ONE! 2. Determine the Problem 3. Summarize the Parties' Viewpoints 4. Identify the Issues 5. Generate and Evaluate Alternatives
6. Arrive at Mutual Agreement 7. Conclude Don't Forget to Follow Up!
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