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To What Extent has Politics Influenced Music at Key Points in World History?

EPQ Presentation

Rachael Evans

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of To What Extent has Politics Influenced Music at Key Points in World History?

Music. Politics. History. The connection? Our society. History shapes our future... Politics influences our present... Music brings emotion expression "Music creates and fosters a community by speaking to people's needs, hopes, fears and intimate lives" (Smith, 2008) life The Soviet Union Alexander Scriabin - Piano Sonata No. 9 "Socialist Realism demanded that all art must depict some aspect of man's struggle toward socialist progress for a better life" Dmitri Shostakovich The Aim: to create a piece of music that does not support Communism, but fools Stalin into thinking it does. How did Stalin and the Communist Authorities receive the Symphony? How did the ordinary citizens receive the Symphony? Stalinist terror resulted in the death of around 20 million people and brought about the 1932-33 famine in the Ukraine. Conclusion:

Music and politics have been very closely linked throughout this aspect of history. Music and Propaganda - WWI "Patriotic songs have boosted our morale in times of crisis, strengthened our resolve in eras of uncertainty and rekindled pride in who we are, and what we represent, as a great nation." (von Rhein, 2010) Conclusion: Music as political propaganda is very successful Music in Nazi Germany American music propaganda British music propaganda German political music was intended to "arouse patriotic and nationalistic feeling through the depiction of German heroes from the past" (Whitfield, 2009) Music as opposition: The Swing Youth Movement Conclusion: A clear and strong link Modern Day Music X Factor
'One Direction'
I-pods - Film Music
- Media
- Social networking Protest songs against anti-same sex marriage laws in America, and President Bush sending troops into Afghanistan Conclusion: Little link between music and politics Conclusion Past: Music and politics have been inherently linked

Present: The link is tenuous, but not gone completely

Future: It is likely that the relationship of music and politics will thrive as it once did Rachael Evans
Candidate Number: 6174
Centre Number: 36497
EPQ Presentation To what extent has politics influenced music at key points in world history? Commissioned in 1942 - redoubled Soviet patriotism George & Felix Powell, 1915 George Cohan, 1917 Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries
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