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Thinking out loud

No description

Prue Grominsky

on 5 October 2014

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Transcript of Thinking out loud

About Ed
can play a variety of instruments including: guitar, violin, cello, piano, bass, drums, etc.
uses a loop pedal for live preformances
2 albums X and +
has collaborated with taylor swift, pharell, Demi Lovato, Hilary Duff, Christina Aquilera, and has written songs for One Direction, Emblem3, and movies including TFIOS and The Hobbit
Born: February 17, 1991 (23)
Hebden Bridge, UK
Did a duet with Elton John
Thinking Out Loud
By: Ed Sheeran
About song
Eds next single
written about his girlfriend Athina Andrelos
when he preforms he acts as if there's only one other person in the room
song played with an acoustic guitar and backed by a piano
he is in love
The pattern for this song is: verse 1, verse 2, chorus, verse 3, verse 4, chorus, chorus 2
Pitch & Tempo
The tempo is close to Largo and the pitch is forte, mezzo forte, decrescendo. During the piano solo it is dolce, legato, vivace, cantabile.
Forte: at the chorus
Mezzo Forte: at the verses
Decrescendo: right after the chorus and into next verses
Crescendo: middle of the verses and in the chorus

Melody, Rhythm
It has a polyphonic melody. There is one voice but that voice depends on the piano and guitar, and a bit of percussion. The melody is also mixed with disjunct.
Disjunct: parts of the chorus and some of the verses

The rhythm for this song is pretty much from his voice and the acoustic guitar.
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