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University of Kassel_UNISTAFF

Presentation of the University of Kassel for participants in the UNISTAFF Programme in Kassel 2013. Best to view in full screen, screen ratio 16:9

Carmen Muresan

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of University of Kassel_UNISTAFF

University of Kassel
Kassel Museums
The worlds largest exhibition of modern and contemporary art
Kassels Landmark: Herkules at the
Mountain Park Wilhelmshöhe
Marble Bath
Museum Fridericianum / Hall of Art
Brother Grimm Museum
Museum of Natural History
Old Masters Art Gallery
Technical Museum Kassel
Museum of Astronomy
and Technologie
New Gallery
Unique features
Park Karlsaue Island Siebenbergen
Oscars for students and graduates of the School of Art and Design Kassel.
regionally based and internationally oriented
Environmental Profile
An important center for research about
life and work of the Brothers Grimm
Explores and teaches in the area of agricultural engineering only organic agricultural science
Renewable Energy,
Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Kassel
International Office
Mönchebergstraße 19 D-34109 Kassel
Phone+49 561 804-2103
Fax+49 561 804-3513
E-Mail: international-office@uni-kassel.de
Web: www.uni-kassel.de/go/international-office
Thank you for your attention!
SMA Solar Technology AG,
the world's most profitable and
Germany's best-known manufacturer
of inverters for photovoltaic systems
with power supply, grid-independent
power supply and backup operations.
Founding initiatives out
of the university
Nationwide, the only Grimm professorship
1990 for "Balance" by Christoph Lauenstein
1997 for "Quest" by Thomas Stellmach and Tyron Montgomery
Fraunhofer-Institute for Wind Energy
and Energy System Technologies
Research and development
in renewable sources of energy
and their efficient use
La innovación
Trade and Industry
„young“ University
> 24.000 students
> 300 professors
> 2000 scientific staff
Incorporates different previous schools
Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
Humanities, Music,
Human and Social Sciences,
Economics and
Economic Law, Architecture,
Urban and Landscape Planning,
Civil and Environmental
Mechanical Engineering
Fine Arts, Art Education,Product Design, Visual Communication
Natural Sciences,
Vocational Education
Organic Agriculture
Statistics 2014
Founded in 1971 as the Comprehensive University of Kassel
Bachelor (B.A., B.Sc.) , Master (M.A., M.Sc.)
PhD Courses (Dr.phil., Dr.rer.nat., Dr. rer. pol., Dr. jur., Dr. agr., Dr.-Ing.)
International (English taught) Master Programmes
Teacher-Training Courses
Art Courses
Long Distance Learning Courses
Exchange Programmes
Study Programmes
Excellence and competence in the fields nature, technology, culture and society
Innovative, interdisciplinary and professional
Orientation week for international students
7-10% of international students from all continents, meanwhile from 140 countries

More than 200 lectures and courses in foreign languages
11 international oriented Master programmes
"Internationalization at home": intercultural communication competence
Foreign languages
German and English courses
DSH: German language test for international degree-seeking students
2 international short term study programmes
Interdisciplinary research centres
and institutes with international orientation
International graduate schools
Orientation week for international exchange, Bachelor, Master and PhD students
Student tutors - support and supervision at the beginning and during the semester
International Student Council

International office hours
Academic Advising
Academic Formalities
Crisis and Personal Advising
Finance Advising
Legal Advising
Visa Information
Mercedes-Benz Factory Kassel
VW Factory in Baunatal
Largest European spare parts center
produces axles and is an important employer
Parts of the Transrapid are also produced in Kassel
important energy suppliers and research institutes for energy production and conservation, as well as global players of worldwide relevance
B Braun Pharmaceuticals
Welcome to the
University of Kassel

The design of the glass bottle of mineral water was created 1968 by the industrial designer Günter Kupetz in Kassel and was 1 year later introduced nationwide.
Arnold Bode, the "inventor" of dOCUMENTA in 1955, is a graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Kassel
The only German University with a center for higher education research
regionally based and
internationally oriented
Management and Administration
International Office
in the Department for
Study and Teaching
Unit for Internationalization and International Co operations in the Department for Strategic Planning
Policy Papers on the internationalisation strategy (2001-2005, 2006-2010, 2011-2015)
Worldwide cooperation network:
over 400 agreements and projects with partner institutions;
320 bilateral agreements under the European Mobility Scheme (LLP/Erasmus);
state-to-state agreements (Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Queensland)
Unit for Internationalization
and International Co operations
International Office
Incoming students
Outgoing students
Student support
more than 600
international co operations
Uni Kassel International
Uni Kassel International Researchers
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