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Melissa Cadena

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Europe

Melissa C & Leslie C
World Geography
Oct 1 In Europe there is about 50 differnet languages but the majority lauguages they use is German, Romance, Slavic, and Finnic. Lauguages Government heavily involved in managing the economy. There are more then 50 states in Europe. Therefore not all of Europe have the same government, but more then half of Europe is considered democratic. A democratic is a government by the people. Is like the government is rule by the poeple. Government The four main religions in Europe is Christianity, Muslim, Hindu, and Sikh. You can tell that not a lot of people of Europe are religious, but they still maintain cultural links to the faiths of their ancestors. The beliefs of the members of Christianity is that, they believe in god and trinity. The trinity is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Religions/Belief System Beginning in the late 1700's the Industrial Revoulution transformed Europe form a rural, agricultural society to an urban, Industrial Society. Today, 75 percent of the people live in cities. The most popular cities people live in is London and Paris. Urban/Rural People from Europe have small families because falling birth rates. which means that Europe is overpopulated. If europe is overpopulated less babies would be born, thats why they have small families. Family Europe mostly have a rich and middle class. The rich class get more benefit then the middle class. Its like the opposite of the United States. The rich people can do many more things then the middle class people like building stores or paying less taxes. Social Structure/ Wealth Europe is known for its Renaissare painting and sculputre, as the works of Pablo Picasso of Spain. The arts of Europe reflects its history as well as the ideas and values of its people. The greatest composers include Wolfgang Amadesu Mozart of Austria and Lugwig van Beethoven of Germany.Europeans eat mostly chesse, yogurt, and eat less fast foods than Americans. Fashion, Literature,Art, and Music Education Land Use The trading network of long ago in Europe was Viking Trade. The trade network included trading relationships throughout the world, into Europe, Charlemagne, Asia and the Abbasid. The good trade from Europe to America is Cars (BMW, and Mercedes), Wine, vegetables(, grapes, olives, beans, coffee, and onions), gains( wheat, and rice)also livestock(sheep, cattle, and horses). Trading Network! Soccer is a major sport in Europe. The sports depend on the response to country's climate, landscape, or culture. Football is popular mainy in United Kingdom, France, and Ireland. They also play tennis for recreation, which means they only play tennis for fun not for work. Sports People in Euope are educate by school, just like us. But the number of required schooling varies from country to county. Like Protugal children only study for 6 years, and United Kingdom for only 12 years. They are highy educated many worth in industry or technology.
. Europe population today also includes more recents immigants from Asia,Africa, and the Caribbean area who arrived during the past 100 years. Women are discreminated alot in Europe, it based on the field and social life. Like for example jobs, they sometimes don't let women work in specific jobs. Diversity Europeans affect and are affected by their environment. Europe is a very polluted continent.Two thing that affect the environment of Europe, is water pollution and Global Warming. Water pollution is mostly take place in the Mediterranean Sea, where they use it for transportation. They also use it for disposal.The Mediterranean sea affected the marine and animal life and creates health hazard to people. water pollution affected also its lakes, and river. Global Warming is caused when they burn coal or oil, which makes the carbon dioxide to increase in the atmosphere. Which affect the greenhouse effect. without the greenhouse effect ,we would have all cold climate. As the time pass, Global warming will soon change the face of,Europe like the big glacier will sink, small glaciers will melt. The sea level will increase, and it will affect the species around it. Environment Europe has different type of weather conditions , depending on the geographic conditions of the place, but most of Europe climate with cold summers, and cold winters, and the temperate is mild. Europe gets warmer towards the south. it is drier in towards the east. Climate Alps Mountains, North Sea,and Mediterranean Sea Land use in Europe depends on climate zones, geography and culture. The land is shared into 13 countries. There is farming and manufacturing in Europe. Farming is used to create wine, cheese,and yogurt(ice cream). Manufacturing is also used to make cars, like BMW and Mercedes.
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