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Author's Craft

No description

Delaney Moore

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Author's Craft

0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c humor pg. 90 Finally
By: Wendy Mass Craft #2--Imagery THE SUMMARY Reflection On Learning Personific-ation
pg. 19 Author's Craft
by: Delaney Moore Craft #3-- Personification 1- "Rory my Elmo Potty is trying to swallow me!"
2-"'Pizza? I love pizza!' I try to pull the phone away from him, but he's too fast.'I'm naked!', he yelled."
3- "So its perfectly understandable that when i wake up an hour later, to see a pair of glowing red eyes staring at me i scream.
4- "'Watch out she's gonna hit the floor!', we hear a split second before a loud THUMP! Craft #1-- Humor Humor is used to add a special spark to the text. Wendy mass used this to make Finally special in its own way. For example: "I'm naked!',he yelled." is a special way to help you understand Rory's little brother and still make you laugh Imagery is used to help the reader hear,smell,taste,and,see what the author is explaining. Wendy Mass uses it to help understand all of the painful situations that Rory is going through. For example:"It burned like hot fire", is an example of how Rory's leg felt. I don't know about you but i know that my leg was kinda akward feeling and that i could see Rory jumping around. Wendy Mass helped enhance the amount of imagery by putting in a lot of painful moments in Rory's life 1,000,000 1- "The clouds were smiling at me. Finally things were better."
2-"As I pass a tree it waves. I look back and it is just a branch in the wind.
3-" 'Don't worry the house is just old. Old houses moan.'"
4-"The wind whispered in my ears. Well the one that was working anyway." 1- "It burned like hot fire!I was so close to screaming."
2-"Now that I think of it my ear does feel like its big and puffy. I look in the mirror and see puss oozing out."
3- "My leg was burning like, well a thing that burns."
4-" My left eye was still swollen shut and red. Plus, Sawyer wouldn't even look at me." Summary Personification is used to make non-living objects seem living. For example: "The wind whispered in my ears. Well the one that's working anyway.", is an good example because wind can't whisper. Finally, is a book about a girl named Rory. The story takes place in a town called Willow Falls. Rory wants to be 12 more than anything, and finally she is! She has a whole list of things she wants to do and everything. But, not everything (anything) goes as planned. From shaving accidents to movie tryouts, Finally is an average girl named Rory and her not-so-average life. This project helped me learn how to pick out examples of author's crafts. In the book Finally. I have decided to pick out author's crafts in other books now, since it is easier. This project inspired me to pick out other crafts in the book that i am reading now. Wendy Mass February 18, 1970
Finally- Published 2010
Other Books: 11 Birthdays, 13 Gifts, The CandyMakers, and , Leap Year
Interesting Fact: She decided she wanted to be an author when she wrote a first place winning poem in kindergarten

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