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Eat this, not that.

healthy vs. unhealthy food

Josh Beaty

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Eat this, not that.

H w can one manage and eat healthful food on a regular basis? Eating healthful food does not have to be a pain. Border Scramble Omelet
- 631 Calories
- 45 g. Total Fat
Wild Raspberry Lemonade
- 181 Calories
- 0 g. Total Fat Lunch Dinner Zaxby's Eat This, Not That! Keeping a careful watch of food choices and portion sizes is all it takes to eat healthful food. Bob Evans Breakfast Culver's The Unhealthy
Double Bacon Cheddar ButterBurger
- 631 Calories
- 48 g. Total Fat
Medium Root Beer Float
- 548 Calories
- 18 g. Total Fat
Total Calories: 1179
Total g. Fat: 66 Total Calories: 812
Total g. Fat: 45 You could eat this... But try this instead. Border Scramble Omelet w/ egg whites
- 402 Calories
- 23 g. Fat
Wild Raspberry Iced Tea
- 58 Calories
- 0 g. Fat Total Calories: 460
Total g. Fat: 23 You can save a total of

Calories: 352
Total g. Fat: 22 vs. this healthy option
Grilled Chicken Sandwich
- 310 Calories
- 4 g. Total Fat
Medium Water
- 0 Calories
- 0 g. Total Fat
Total Calories: 310
Total g. Fat: 4 Why would you eat this...
Large Chicken Finger Plate
- 1773 Calories
- 105 g. Total Fat
22 oz. Coca-Cola
- 150 Calories
- 0 g. Total Fat
Total Calories: 1923
Total g. Fat: 105 When this is an option?
Blue Buffalo Salad w/ 1 Blue Cheese Dressing Packet
- 960 Calories
- 61 g. Total Fat
22 oz. Unsweet Tea
- 0 Calories
- 0 g. Total Fat
Total Calories: 960
Total g. Fat: 61 By choosing the correct meals, a single person can avoid thousands of calories and around 100 or more grams of fat each day. What should I eat? You saved a total of
Calories: 963
g. Fat: 44 You saved a total of
Calories: 869
g. Fat: 62
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