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How the Internet Saved My Family

Marc C. Santos Assistant Professor of English University of South Florida

Marc Santos

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of How the Internet Saved My Family

How the Internet Saved my Family Marc C. Santos
Assistant Professor of English
University of South Florida Friedman

That Tipping point was reached sometime around the year 2000, when the ten flatteners converged on such a scale and with such intesity that millions of people on different continents suddenly started to feel that something... something... was new. They couldn't always quite describe what was happening, but by 2000 they sensed that they were in touch with people they'd never been in touch with before, were being challenged by people who had never challenged them before, were competing with people with whom they had never competed before, were collaborating with people with whom they had never collaborated before, and were doing things AS INDIVIDUALS they had never dreamt of doing before.

What they were feeling was the flattening of the world.

The World is Flat: A Brief History of the 21st Century, 204 Rhetorical Support "We only see what our eyes will let us see at a given moment, but eventually make a narrative of ourselves that we can enjoy, tolerate, or at least not have to think about too much" (Corder 16) "What happens if a narrative not our own reveals to us that our own narrative was wanting all along, though it is the only evidence of our identity? What happens if the merest glimpse into another narrative sends us lurching, stunned by its differentness?" (19) "Argument is emergence toward the other. That requires a readiness to testify to an identity that is always emerging, a willingness to dramatize one's narrative in progress before the other; it calls for an untiring stretch toward the other, a reach toward enflding the other. It is a risky revelation of the self, for the arguer is asking for an acknowledgement of his or her identity, is asking from witness for the other." (Corder 26) How the Internet Saved My Family Marc C. Santos
University of South Florida
Computers and Writing 2010 SUBJ: Hey

Hey Megan It must be so hot there right now I've spent two full summers in that Florida heat and humidity.. ah

How is the process of settling in going? You and Rowan are looking great

I just noticed something - Rowan's left eye is reflecting in some of her pictures (esp the ones where she's in her pink t-shirt). The reason I'm writing this is because an acquaintance of ours noticed the same thing in the pictures of their child and it was found to be serious.

Don't panic, I just wanted to suggest that you have her checked by an optometrist from the experience our acquaintances had with their child. I'm not saying it definitely IS anything but she's such a precious girl I had to mention it.

Here is a link to something - but before you look - I'm not trying to scare you. tinyurl.com/yg4pld

Keep me posted

Maddie x Rowan's eyes now are starting to look two different colors. One is blue and the other is just a darker blue/green. I don't really know what to think about this? THe darker one is the one she squints against the sun more. Anyone else noticing this in their Lo's?

We currently don't have great insurance or a Doc in the area...not an excuse, but should I be looking for one? Very Wrong. Thank you Madeline Preontological / Ethical / Agonism "We name this calling into question of my spontaneity by the presence of the Other ethics" (Levinas, Totality and Infinity, 43)
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