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Geography "should I stay or should i go

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ali charaf eddine

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Geography "should I stay or should i go

"Should I stay or should i Go" Geography Project By Ali Charaf Eddine For my geography project the countries I’m doing are Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Kuwait, Kuwait City, and Sydney, Australia. The social factors for Ethiopia are: there is a high risk of getting infections and diseases such as Aids, hepatitis A and E, malaria and rabies The median age for an Ethiopian male and female is approximately 17 years. Their nationality is Ethiopian and 60.8% of the population is Christian (Orthodox 50.6%, Protestant 10.2%), 32.8% are Muslim, 4.6% are traditional, and 1.8% of the population is other (1994 census) The languages they speak are Amarigna 32.7%, Oromigna 31.6%, Tigrigna 6.1%, Somaligna 6%, Guaragigna 3.5%, Sidamigna 3.5%, Hadiyigna 1.7% other
14.8% English (1994 census) Some pull factors of Ethiopia are their agriculture and the foods they produce such as: cereals, pulses, coffee, oilseed, cotton, sugarcane, potatoes, qat, cut flowers; hides, cattle, sheep, goats and fish.
Some Political factors for Ethiopia are war, Poverty, Bad education, and there are very few jobs available.
The health care system is weak. Some pull factors for Ethiopia are that they have natural resources such as: small sources of Gold, platinum, copper, potash, natural gas, and hydro power. Forced migration for Ethiopia: some examples are Droughts, Poverty, Starvation, war, people are scattered through the country and there are many refugees in Ethiopia. The 5 barriers of migration in Ethiopia are:
•physical: water, mountains, lakes, deserts, savannahs
•procedural:its hard to get pasports in ethiopia
• economic: you wouldn't have enough money to move because the contry is verry poor
• legal:limits the number of people enterying ethiopia
•political:laws disallowing people to emigrate
The social factors for Kuwait are: the median age for Kuwait is 26.2 years
In Kuwait there is 0.1% of people have aids in Kuwait
Their nationality is Kuwaiti and 85% of the population is Muslim (Sunni 70%, Shia 30%), other (includes Christian, Hindu, Parsi) 15%

The language they speak is Arabic, English Some economic factors for Kuwait are they have oil and petroleum, fish, shrimp, natural gas Some pull factors for Kuwait are they have realy good schools but don’t have realy good universities. Some pull factors for Kuwait it is never cold it just rains during the winter, it is warm in the spring and hot in the summer there are site seeing there are a lot of malls. Forced migration Water, War, •physical Barriers : water, deserts.
•procedural: getting passports
•economic: it has one of the best economys in the world
•legal:limits the number of people in Kuwait.
•political:laws prohibiting emigration
The social factors for Sydney Australia are: They have 0.2% of the population have aids
But it has a greater % than Kuwait.
The nationality for Australia is Australian
There are white 92%, Asian 7%, aboriginal and other 1% in Australia
The religion in Australia are Catholic 25.8%, Anglican 18.7%, Uniting Church 5.7%, Presbyterian and Reformed 3%, Eastern Orthodox 2.7%, other Christian 7.9%, Buddhist 2.1%, Muslim 1.7%, other 2.4%, unspecified 11.3%, none 18.7% (2006 Census)
The language they speak is English 78.5%, Chinese 2.5%, Italian 1.6%, Greek 1.3%, Arabic 1.2%, Vietnamese 1%, other 8.2%, unspecified 5.7% (2006 Census) The Agriculture an items they have in Australia are wheat, barley, sugarcane, fruits, cattle, sheep, poultry The Industries they have are mining, industrial and transportation equipment, food processing, chemicals, and steel In Conclusion i would want to migrate to Kuwait becuase more job opportunities are avaliable and the economy is better. There are good schools and it has a good educational system both in English and Arabic. Kuwait is a modern and developed contry with high tecnology and a big supply of oil always available. Kuwait also has many recriational activities and places. Australia is more isolated of a country compared to Kuwait, and it is farther away. I chose to leave Ethiopia because it is a poor country with bad economy and little jobs. It also has politicial factors such as war and a bad government system. Disease is also spread in Ethiopia, while Kuwait has a great hospitalaty. For my presention i think i deserve a level 4 becuase i have included all the requerments for this project and i have talked about the religion,language,and the desieses that country has. Thank you for listening to my presention ;)
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