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Te Hekenga

For Training Purposes Only

Onie Bone

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Te Hekenga

♣ Achieve goals Resolve Conflict Establish & Maintain relationships Develop/Salvage your identity Over 50% of most organizational members communicate below effectiveness; Less than 10% are rated as excellent communicators.
---Jeff Grisham, Leadership Without Excuses

...and communication is key to understanding identity. 1st Level – Sharing Weak ties vs strong ties
Most intrapersonal relationships are “weak ties” (Baym)
The internet has drastically expanded our access to weak ties
E.g, Email, Facebook friends, Linked In, Photo Journal email
Weak ties are most likely to to provide us with bridging capital (> strong ties) (Putman, 2000) Weak ties develop and strengthen A Comparison of Offline and Online Friendships(Chan & Chen, 2004)
The study was designed to compare offline and online friendship qualities at different stages of relationship development.
Results revealed that offline friendships involved more interdependence, breadth, depth, code change, understanding, commitment, and network convergence than online friendships. However, although the qualities of both online and offline friendships improved as the duration of the relationship increased, the differences between the two types of friendships diminished over time. Furthermore, contrary to the evidence typically found for offline friendships, the qualities of cross-sex online friendships were higher than that of same-sex online friendship. These results suggest that the influence of the structural and normative constraints typically found in face-to-face interaction may be different in the online setting. it's how many kinds of people you know. Its not how many people you know,
"Ineffective communication is the rule, not the exception. It is cited as one of the most
significant organizational problems"
---Survey of 1000 HR Managers and Fortune 500 executives Why is it important?
Clay Shirky, Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations ¥ Shared Awareness 2nd Level – Conversation/ Coop ¥ Shared Conversations 3rd Level – Collaboration ¥ Shared Creativity 4th Level – Collective Action ¥ Shared vision & responsibility “The category of 'consumer' is now a temporary behavior rather than a permanent identity.” W o m m u n i c a t i o n C The Internet is
changing 1. Who are you? 2. Who are your consumers? 3. What do you offer or do? 5. Why it matters? 4. How do you do it? What does your Identity say about you? What goods or services do you offer to the
consumer? Have you identified your demographic market? How do you do what you do? What makes your business stand-out from the rest? Identity is key to understanding communication 6. What does the consumer get? Does the consumer know what they will receive from you? B e f o r e Y o u B e g i n . . . T h i n k a b o u t Y o u r I d e n t i t y L a d d e r f i n a t i n d r - C e n g t h r t S f w e a k T i e s Find the right platform for you/your company/business Have you identified your market? Build Professional Network + Entertain audience of "interested" community members? + Do you wish to inform people about a particular topic or service? + h a t 's y u r P l a n ? Increase the range of topics, increase directness, confidence increases Self-Disclosure is one of the most powerful ways to build a relationship Expand Media from Internet to other forms Internet Phone/Text Face-to-face If you have spoken by phone, you are more likely to meet People with many weak ties are Influencers. By engaging with them. They are able to "bridge the gap" and "connect you to their extensive networks. Weak Ties. Typically, we have weak ties with individuals that are not a part of our immediate social group. We know them and interact with them occasionally, but don’t necessarily have a lot in common with them or find ourselves heavily invested in their lives. Strong Ties. We can be strongly tied to others, meaning we’re invested in these individuals lives, and generally spend a good amount of time together. Using Social Media to Communicate & Expand your Networks Choose Your Medium

Certain media cater to certain skills/tactics

Use the medium that suits you best

Select a medium that meets your goals best

Methodology: Learn by Doing still patterns oniebone.com Social Media are social software which mediate human communication Communicate with the many, you want.
Know yourself first, you must
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