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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing- Book Report

No description


on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing- Book Report

Sheila, Peter's arch enemy, asks Mrs.Hatcher if she can watch Fudge. Mrs.Hatcher says yes, but only if Jimmy and Peter help her. Fudge trys to fly by jumping of a playstructure, but he's
no bird! He lands on his face and he's a bloody mess. His top front teeth got knocked out. Peter Hatcher is a nine year old boy in the fourth grade. His little brother, Fudge, gets into all of Peter's stuff! Fudge is only 3 years old. Peter gets jealous of him a lot. Jimmy Fargo is Peter's BEST friend. Peter won Dribble, his pet turtle, at Jimmy Fargo's birthday party. But Peter's mom disapproves of Dribble. She even says "Ew, he smells funny". When Fudge sees Dribble, he says, "Oooh, see, see". But Peter says, "Thats my turtle, got it? You don't touch him." Peter's dad, Warren Hatcher (who is in advertising) invited his clients, Mr. and Mrs.Yarby, to stay at their apartment, because they were coming to New York. But when they get there Fudge was a distraction and annoyance. First, Fudge eats flowers, tulips to be exact. Next, Fudge wakes everybody up. Then, he shows Mrs.Yarby Dribble, she screamed and disappointed Fudge. Last, he puts trading stamps all over Mr.Yarby's suit case. Fudge won't eat and his mother gets worried. He wants to be a dog. Fudge eats under the table, like a dog. He stops eating
again. His father has had enough and he tells Fudge
he'll have to "eat it, or wear it!" But, Fudge doesn't listen and he ends up wearing cereal!!! What a silly boy. Its Fudges birthday! He's turning 3. Peter is in charge of the games. Ralph, Fudges friend, eats 2 pieces of cake, but right after the second piece he threw up. Its time to open presents Fudge!! Ralph thinks the present he gave Fudge is still his! Jenney "makes" (A.K.A peeing) on the carpet. Yuck! Fudge has a dentist appointment. Then
Peter and Fudge go to get new shoes.
Fudge won't try on his sattle shoes, he
wants loafers like Peter. So Peter trys on
sattle shoes so Fudge will try on his. They
go to "Hamburger Heaven" for lunch. Fudge
flings potatoes at the wall and pops a balloon
with his fork. Fudge is picked to do a toddle-bike commercial, but he refuses to ride. So Peter shows Fudge how its done and Fudge finally rides. Fudge ruins Peter and Jimmys poster.
On their packet Sheila Fudge ruins Peter and Jimmys homework poster they worked so hard on. On their booklet Sheila wrote "handwritten by Miss Sheila Tubman". Peter and Jimmy did not like that. Fudge pretends to be a barber and cuts almost all the hair off his head. Peter, Fudge, and their dad have a boys only weekend while their mom is in Boston. They go to the movies and Fudge gets lost, but luckily Peter finds him. Fudge swallows Peters turtle, Dribble. Peter is very upset and sad that his turtle is dead because of Fudge. But, when he realizes that Fudge could have died by eating Dribble, he realizes that he loves Fudge a lot. Peter gets a dog, and names it turtle.
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