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No description

Maria Emília Gonçalves

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Volunteering

What can you do?
Coach a team
Run errands and do deliveries
Gather and analyze data.
Do clean-up and repairs in the community
Who needs volunteers?
Animal shelters
Music and arts festivals
Sporting leagues and events
Children's camps
Beyond Borders
Work that is done for no pay with the aid of volunteers.
Look after children
What can you do?
Raise money or collect goods for charity
What can you do?
Help the elderly
What can you do?
Raise awareness of important issues
What can you do?
Protect the environment
What can you do?
Participate in school painting projects
What can you do?
Care for animals
What can you do?
Stage concerts, plays and other cultural events
What can you do?
Who needs volunteers?
Who needs volunteers?
Who needs volunteers?
Community centres
Who needs volunteers?
Environmental organizations
Who needs volunteers?
Human rights organizations
Who needs volunteers?
Nursery schools
Make change happen.
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