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Divergent By:Veronica Roth

No description

Alexa Parker

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Divergent By:Veronica Roth

Main Character Analysis
Beatrice (Tris) Prior is the main character and narrator in Divergent. She is a protagonist. Tris was part of the Abnegation Fraction that values selflessness however, she was never truly able to fit in with this due to her being divergent. She switches to dauntless and leaves her family behind, one of the first thing she does as being dauntless is get a tattoo to represent the new her, the tattoo is three birds flying away to represent her family she left behind. Tris is extremely brave which is why she fits into dauntless so well. Although she is also selfless and curious which represents the two other fractions she fits into. She has a temper, tries to be brave and unbreakable, she is very strong willed, and doesn’t forgive easily. Throughout the book Tris changes from trying to be selfless all the time and trying to please everyone to just being able to be herself and focus on staying alive.

Figurative Language
Veronica Roth uses a lot of similes in Divergent.
“Tough as cotton balls.”
“And I rejected her, and she went running off like a five-year-old.”
“Maybe Eric was right, and choosing death is like exploring an unknown, uncertain place.”
"Eric smiles, and in the blue light, his smile looks wicked, like it was cut into his face with a knife."
"The glass is as thin as newly frozen ice."

Figurative language
Symbolism: Tris' tattoo is a symbol of her new life as a dauntless. It is a symbol of her family she left behind. It is a symbol of her facing her fears and getting one. Her getting the tattoo also shows her bravery.
Basic Plot Summary
This book is about a dystopian society that is divided into five fractions. The kids in this society at the age of 16 take an aptitude test that tells them which fraction they will best fit into. They can choose the fraction they grew up in and have always known or they can choose a new one and never see their family again. When Beatrice Prior, who was born and raised in the Abnegation Fraction, takes her test she finds out she is divergent and fits into three fractions. Being divergent is very dangerous and she is told not to share this information with anybody. On Choosing Day, she decides to leave the Abnegation Fraction and join the Dauntless Fraction with the new name Tris. To officially become part of the Dauntless Fraction she has to pass the initiation process, during this she meets her teacher, Four who is also divergent. After the initiation process the Dauntless are all injected with a serum that turns them into a killing army that kills the Abnegation Fraction, but this doesn’t work on the Divergent Fraction. Four though is injected with a serum that effects the Divergent Fraction and Tris has to break through Four’s stimulation and cut off the rest of the Dauntless’ stimulation.

Beatrice Prior
Figurative Language
Personification: "He leaped into vicious waters to get there."
"I barely feel the needle as it plunges into my neck, barely see Eric's pierced face as he presses the plunger down."
"What feels like solid wall hits me from the side, forcing the air from my lungs, and I fall hard, gasping."

Divergent By:Veronica Roth
I would recommend this book if you are a fan of the Hunger Games series. Both of these series relate to one another in that they are both Science Fiction and the main character of each book is a strong- willed teenage girl. Although the book has close to 500 pages, before you know it you are halfway through it. This book is part of a trilogy and this is the first one in the series. Its a very action packed book that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.
Tris: Proto-Feminist Hero
Dauntless: The Initiates- have to go through training to be Dauntless
Four: Mentor - Pupil Relationship-helps teach Tris everything she needs to know to being Dauntless and to hiding being Divergent
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