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Bianca Rei: My 2012 in Pictures

No description

Bianca Rei

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Bianca Rei: My 2012 in Pictures

My Year 2012 in Pictures Bianca Rei January Happy New Year! November June December May March Welcome home, Sugar! LIS Congress 2012: Back to Basics Movie date with bestfriends Videoke with Josh and Dawn September February April October August Freyja Spa with bestfriend Islamic Fashion Festival with Stephen Rahman Hughes (from The Kitchen Musical) and Carmen Soo with Datin Seri Dato'
Zainab ABD. Kader,
Spouse of H.E. Dato Seri
Dr. Ibrahim Saad,
Ambassador of Malaysia
to the Philippines Designer:
Veejay Floresca
of Manila Designer:
Tom Abang Saufi
of Kuala Lumpur Jake and Mimi's visit meeting Boom, Reagan's bestfriend UP LISSA Green Party Interview and Teaching Demo at HEDCen
Monomials, Binomials, Trinomials first pictures together Laguna Trip with
UP friends Enderun visit swimming with cousins Dinner with UP Eng'gSoc friends first time to attend
a grad ceremony
as a part-time faculty July UP SLIS Alumni
Homecoming HEDCen Teachers Training Teen Supermodels
Fashion Show
at Metro Bar First day of class! Teen Supermodels
Fashion Show
at World Trade
Center Welcome Home,
Ditche Anita! HEDCen's 20th Birthday Birthday dinner with bestfriends Sprain!!
Ouch! New babies! Taal Volcano Climb Teen Supermodels Grand Finals Filipino Week Jem's Baby Shower Movie date with Jem and Jole "Let's go be
psychos together!" Holloween
at HEDCen Lugaw Day! Sembreak Jake's birthday English Week at HEDCen Baby David Bjryld Baby Calix Ivory Christmas dinner with Team Liverpool Christmas lunch with Tamayo-side relatives Book Fair at HEDCen Movie Marathon with co-teacher, Abby Faye's Baby Shower Mga Nanay at Panganay Christmas Around the World
at HEDCen First photobooth with
childhood bestfriends,
Jem and Jake Christmas at HEDCen
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