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2015-16 Student Org Leader

No description

on 18 May 2016

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Transcript of 2015-16 Student Org Leader

2015-16 Student Org Leader
Year End Responsibilities

Federal, State, and Local Government Officials
Please provide the full name and title of any federal, state, and local government officials you hosted. Please include date of visit as well as type of expenses covered.
2015-16 Annual Report
Please submit a report on your group's activities for 2015-16. The report should include a complete list of events hosted by your group, including details on the speakers involved (e.g., name, current title & organization, please also note whether they are a YLS alum). This report may be shared as part of the Development Office's Stewardship report if your group is supported by an endowed fund (noted on your budget letters).
Employer Support
Complete and submit this form if your group received support (both financial and participatory) from law firms and other outside organizations.
Outgoing and Incoming...
If you haven't shared the names and positions of your successors with me yet, please do so!

Please also send a list of your graduating members and their permanent email (i.e., non-yale.edu email) so that we can record this information for future group outreach
Thank You for leadership and contributions to the YLS Community in 2015-16!
Due: June 30, 2016
Submit via email to: sachiko.sugimoto@yale.edu
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