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UK IT Interns

A look at our structure and a bit about us

Lee James

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of UK IT Interns

Career Summary
GE Capital UK Interns
Events Committee Lead
Lead Events for Capital IT interns
Organise roundtables throughout the year.

GE Capital EMEA iTrain ITIL Learning Group
Applying for ITIL V3 v4.2 certification
Intern Involvement

Key Skills

Thinking outside the box to come up with ideas.

Problem Solving –

Working out solutions to problems.


Effective listening and speaking skills.

Career Goals

Develop greater business knowledge.
Understand how the integral link between Business and IT
Gain needed skills to progress in my career.
Create a business network of colleagues.
Get onto the ITLP scheme.
Progress my career within GE and work my way up to a more senior position.
Be CIO/CEO of a company by 2023.

Career Summary

IT Intern
Business IT Bsc
Bournemouth University
Sports, Volunteering, Travelling
Cameron Laird

Bournemouth Gateway Club – Volunteer worker
Adult with learning disabilities – 1 year 5 months
Working with adults with many different types of learning disabilities
Organization and running of the yearly sports day event.

GE Business Intelligence– 1 year placement
IT Business Intelligence OBIEE
The Ark, UK.
Working on the OBIEE small change to help implement changes within OBIEE.
Gaining requirements, testing and implementation of the TTD system.
Working with the end users to gather requirements to the changes needed for specific deployments, understanding the business implications as well as the scope for IT.

Intern Involvement
Career Summary
Key Skills
Technology committee chair
Working with other interns to create mobile applications that will hopefully be beneficial to the company.
Career Goals

GE Capital EMEA iTrain ITIL Learning Group
Applying for ITIL V3 v4.2 certification
Highly Technical –
From a strong technical background.
Computer Science Bsc
University Of Birmingham
IT Intern
Traveling, sports, programming

GE Capital HQ EMEA Fleet team 1 year placement
IT Intern – based in Sale. Manager: Martin Death

Learning about GE ITG and SPMM processes, as well as risk management and maintaining vendor relationships.
Assisting Martin with the EAS project and implementation of Omniture across the suite of applications.
Assisting Nick Copper with the One Portal application by creating HTML, finding bugs and suggesting fixes so it is iPad friendly.
Attain the management skills to compliment the technical skills attained through my degree.
Exceed company expectations and leave my stamp on GE to attain a graduate job opportunity.
Network and meet new people.
Discover my strengths and weaknesses.
Matt Boyle
Effective communicator-
Worked for years in Customer relations and sales.
Always strive for more.
Project Management
Business Analysis
Web Design & Development (Design, SEO)
Business Management (Accounting, Admin, Marketing)
Long term (2+ years)
Further develop Project Management Skills and Experience
Search for a PM position overseas (US)
Medium term (1-2 years)
Complete University Degree
Intern Involvement
Vice President
Intern committee
Digital Natives & App Developmen
Project Management
ITG Training & PMP iTrain Qualification

Short term (6 months)- Internship
Gain understanding and knowledge behind CRM systems and corporate finance.
Deliver my goals and expectations of the Internship

Solutions Delivery (Siebel)
Performance monitoring for Siebel across EMEA
Small change tracker requests
Siebel Portal management
Release Notes
Small project ownership (Siebel Training and Wiki)
Team Newsletter
Siebel PMO (Project Management Office/officer)

Solutions Delivery (E-Tools)
iOS Applications for Fleet Services
App development and design involvements
Distribution and Release notes

Technology, Food, Apple
Information Technology
Bournemouth University
Career Goals
Career Summary
Key Skills
Matthew Kidd (AMBCS)
Capital Intern Onboarding Chair
Organising and improving onboarding process
Nidhi Marwaha
Key Skills
Business Analysis –
Understanding business needs
Take part in as many projects as possible to gain knowledge in different areas
Travelling, Shopping,
Business Computing
Brunel University
IT Intern
GE Capital EMEA
Information Security Team

Organising and running Security Awareness programs
HealthAhead Committee
Taking part in Education and Prevention
GE Capital EMEA iTrain Project Management
Applying for Project Management certification
Intern Involvement
Learn new skills as well as develop new ones
Put theories learnt at university to practice
Network and gain exposure through this placement
Continue onto the ITLP
Career Goals
Communication –
Effective communication with sub businesses
Time Management -
Balancing different projects
Career Summary
Finding out security needs of sub businesses
Gaining feedback on blocking personal webmail access through proxy from sub businesses
Assisting in simplification of processes through Simply EMEA
Performing a gap analysis on the security policy
Career Goals
Medium term (1-2 years)
Keep up with the technology trends
Continue my personal projects
Short term (1 year)- IT Intern
Gain knowledge about the business and structure of GE
Understand the role of IT within a financial environment
Improve my soft skills
Gain experience on infrastructure automation

Process management on improving the platform, troubleshooting and solving bugs

GE Capital – 1 year placement
Application Infrastructure
Report to Jozsef Orosz
The Ark, London, UK – June 2013
Software development–
C-based, client/server scripting, standard-based web technologies, frameworks
Application Infrastructure:

Infrastructure automation with the Chef framework

Infrastructure blueprints for easy builds/rebuilds

IBM WAS tools

Coventry University
IT Intern
iOS Dev, Football,
Multimedia Computing
Key Skills
Database design–
SQLite, MySQL, Oracle
Architectural patterns–
UCD processes and HCI
Career Summary
Intern Involvement
Robert Varga

Member of the Technology Committee
Creating applications to help the business
Key Skills
Shakeel Soogun

GE Capital EMEA iTrain ITIL Learning Group
Applying for ITIL V3 v4.2 certification
Career Goals
To experience the vast fields of IT within a professional environment
To gain knowledge and experience of good business practices
To gain greater technical understanding
To improve presentational, communication and leadership skills

Problem Solving –
Analysing & finding solutions to problems
GE Capital UK – 1 year placement
Service Delivery
The Ark, London, UK – Jul 2013 – Jun 2014

Managing incidents with the infrastructure and ensuring they are handled correctly

Simplification of Service Delivery processes to improve maintenance and efficiency

BSc Computer Studies
Programming, Reading,
University of Leicester
IT Intern
Intern Involvement
Interpersonal Skills –
Effective communication to individuals
Decisive Thinking –
Making quick, effective choices
Intern Involvement
Lee James
HealthAhead Committee Lead
Lead for Education & Prevention.
Breast & Prostate cancer awareness initiatives.

GE Capital EMEA iTrain ITIL Learning Group
Applying for ITIL V3 v4.2 certification
Career Goals
Experience the need for IT in a business environment.
Understand how the integral link between Business and IT
Gain technical and operational experience across GE.
Meet all objectives and exceed expectations.
Expand my network of business influential contacts.
Increase my level of soft skills such as developing my presentation skills.
Advance and cultivate my knowledge base and provide IT troubleshooting competencies.

GE Corporate Finance Bank SAS – 1 year placement
IT Governance & Compliance analyst & End User Support facilitation
The Ark & Throgmorton, UK. Also supporting Paris and Frankfurt Offices– May 2012 (AL David Howell)

First point of escalation for backup solution, configuration and troubleshooting. Production of management metrics to ensure Governance.
Maintenance of SC community for IT, producing hints, tips and “how to” documentation to support CFB employees including communication.
Working with the business to identify simplification of CFB’s processes, aiming to increase productivity of the entire business.
Reading, Travelling, Sports
Computer Studies Bsc
Liverpool John Moores
IT Intern
Team Management –
Effective leadership ability.
Key Skills
Requirements Analysis –
Understanding end-user problems.
Interpersonal Skills –
Effective communication to individuals.
UK IT Intern Co-Leader & GE Capital IT Intern Chair
Career Summary
Ahmad Hussain
Intern Involvement
Career Summary
Project Management –
Risk and Planning
BSc Information
Middlesex university
Sports, traveling, Reading
IT Intern
GE CAPITAL - EMEA HQ IT Governance Risk & Compliance & Enabling CLL
The Ark, London, UK – Jun 2013 – Present

Current projects/tasks:
UAPM - Client upload process, SOP production, Weekly upload + validation checks
LAE (Local Account Elimination) - Replacing Local accounts with Domain accounts
Internal Audit IT Asset Management - Reviewing applications
PCHS: 1st point contact IT support - New patching approach
IDM Approver update - Updating server approvers
IT Intern Onboarding committee
Helping organise/set up intern recruitment process
After University
Plan to take on ITLP to further develop business/IT knowledge base
During internship
Gaining as much exposure to GE Capital
Gain methodological experience
Deliver above expectations
Find my weakness
Career Goals
Key Skills
Interpersonal skills –
collaborating efficiently through communication
GE Capital EMEA iTrain Security+ Learning Group
Applying for Security+ certification
Digital Native project
Reverse mentoring
Intern Involvement
Key Skills
Digital Native Lead
Keeping GE up to date with the latest technology
To Learn and gain experience through everything I do
Finish with a good degree from the University.
Plan to do a ITLP program or other leadership programs
To work in a senior leadership role (COO/CEO) of an large organization or run my own company.
UK IT Intern Events and Technology Committee
Career Summary
GE Capital UK Bank– 1 year placement

Change Management System: To create a process for GE and Partners to submit change requests and can be reviewed and approved by relevant parties.
IT Weekly Byte: IT based weekly news Letter for everyone in Capital UK
Women's Network Video Editing and Recording
Website Analysis and Testing(User Acceptance Testing): Checking if the website meets standards and checking if any updates causes issues on the website and suggest improvements
Marketing Analysis: Check Search Engine Optimization functionalities and improving websites Visibility on Google and Bing
Leadership Skills–
Effective leadership ability.
Joash Johnson
Hertfordshire University
IT Intern
Music, Business, Swimming, TV
Bsc/BA Digital Media
Technology and Computing
Career Goals
GE Capital EMEA iTrain ITIL Learning Group
Applying for ITIL V3 v4.2 certification
Business Management
Decision Making Skills
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