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What Respect means to me?

No description

Christian Boyd

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of What Respect means to me?

Christian Boyd Respect! When people do not respect us we are sharply offended; yet deep down in his private heart no man much respects himself.
Not Judging someone on what they believe in, how they live, and who they is also another way of showing respect toward some. Showing respect Self-Respect to me is respecting your body not harming your body or harming other by doing so. Self-Respect Esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability, or something considered as a manifestation of a personal quality or ability. Definition of Respect Showing deference to your elders is as simple as letting them go first.
When you're walking into a building, hold the door open and let older people enter before you.
When there's food laid out on a table, invite the older people to serve themselves first, or offer to serve them yourself.
Let older people have preferable seats. Respect your elders Respecting others ■You speak with a firm, but calm voice.
■You speak slowly and clearly.
■You do not interrupt.
■You are polite by being thankful, appreciative and sensitive.
■You address someone with proper respect. It could be, “yes, sir,” “Yes ma’am,” or “Yes, Your Honor.” The Butterfly Project:
The Rules are:

1. When you feel like you want to cut, take a marker, pen, or sharpies and draw a butterfly on your arm or hand.

2. Name the butterfly after a loved one, or someone that really wants you to get better.

3. You must let the butterfly fade naturally. NO scrubbing it off.

4. If you cut before the butterfly is gone, you’ve killed it. If you don't cut, it lives.

5. If you have more than one butterfly, cutting kills all of them.

6. Another person may draw them on you. These butterflies are extra special. Take good care of them.

7. Even if you don’t cut, feel free to draw a butterfly anyways, to show your support. If you do this, name it after someone you know that cuts or is suffering right now, and tell them. It could help. The Butterfly Project is a way of helping teenagers with self-injury problems it's not a bad thing if you think it is. It is a way to stop self-injuries from happening and is fun for teenagers. On a bus, offer to stand and let an older citizen have your place.
If you're in a room where everyone has a seat, offer to give up your spot on a cushioned chair for an elder sitting on a hard wooden seat.
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